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Michela Owen is an Oklahoma native and passionate wordsmith with a knack for creative problem-solving. After obtaining her associate's in business management from Baptist Bible College, she went on to receive her bachelor's of journalism with a focus in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma. During her time at OU, she was the news lead of OU Esports.

Michela is also a Marketing Strategist at T&S Online Marketing, where she helps businesses and nonprofits be strategic about how and where they spend their marketing efforts.

Downtown Edmond’s first Transformation Manager

By Michela Owen | February 22, 2024

In an ambitious move to shape the future of its central district, the City of Edmond recently welcomed Leana Dozier as its first Downtown Transformation Manager. This strategic role marks a significant commitment from the City of Edmond to enhance and evolve its downtown area through focused development projects and partnerships.

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Empathetic business success

By Michela Owen | January 19, 2024

Dr. Daniel Rowe is one of those people. There are few physicians of any kind with the deep compassion, empathetic listening skills, and business savvy as Dr. Rowe. In a world of people ready to sell you a quick fix for your business or body, Dr. Rowe stands apart as an example to those in any profession.

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Pawsh’s approach to pet wellness

By Michela Owen | January 19, 2024

Marie Riehl of Pawsh has loved animals since childhood. But working with animals isn’t all fun and games. Marie has worked for seven years to take her in-home grooming operation to new heights. 

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Local roofing company innovating

By Michela Owen | December 14, 2023

A home in Edmond just got a significant upgrade with the installation of Tamko’s StormFighter IR® shingles, a new type of shingle designed to be installed in and endure severe weather. The installation, completed on December 5, 2023, by Land Enterprises Roofing, marks a first for the United States.

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Transforming lives and bodies worldwide

By Michela Owen | November 7, 2023

Sling Bungee Fitness, a cutting-edge fitness studio nestled in Edmond, is spearheading a fitness revolution under the expert guidance of local Candace Williams. As an entrepreneur and fitness aficionado, Williams has transformed her life. She has left a lasting impact on the local community and the broader fitness industry through her various fitness enterprises.

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Renewal Beauty is more than skin-deep

By Michela Owen | October 6, 2023

Behind the services they provide, Renewal Beauty has real challenges to overcome to serve its clients and grow the business.

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Brotherly bonds bake the way

By Michela Owen | October 6, 2023

It’s not every day that a renowned franchise, like the Ohio-based Donatos Pizza, makes its way to Edmond. The city’s culinary scene recently received a boost with the introduction of the famed Edge to Edge® pizza toppings, thanks to brothers Matt and Will McLain.

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The next generation of sales talent at UCO

By Michela Owen | September 7, 2023

Fourteen years ago, the University of Central Oklahoma added a sales class to help students prepare for possible roles after graduation. What began as a single class is now a full degree program, a minor, a sales competition where UCO hosts an elite sales team, and full accreditation from the Sales Education Foundation (SEF).

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Inexpensive ways to keep employees happy and engaged

By Michela Owen | August 8, 2023

Employee engagement is critical to any successful business because of how much impact employees make. A great employee can boost sales numbers, improve processes, and make a huge difference in the bottom line. On the flip side, an unhappy and unengaged employee can have the opposite effect. 

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A journey of sweet revival

By Michela Owen | July 25, 2023

Ada Candy Company, originally founded in 1933 by Hugh Johnson and his brother in Ada, Oklahoma, has emerged as a beloved local business under the passionate stewardship of Miranda Tracy and Aaron Tracy. After a temporary closure in 2007, Miranda and Aaron decided to breathe new life into the family candy-making legacy, reestablishing the company in 2021 and captivating the community once again. Miranda’s father, Randy Johnson, rounds out the team.

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