By Michela Owen
January 19, 2024

Pawsh’s approach to pet wellness

Discover how Marie Riehl of Pawsh is elevating pet care standards in Edmond.
Marie Riehl, owner of Pawsh (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Marie Riehl of Pawsh has loved animals since childhood. But working with animals isn’t all fun and games. Marie has worked for seven years to take her in-home grooming operation to new heights. 

Now, the Pawsh brand stands out to Edmonites as the standard for excellent pet care in Edmond. With great outcomes for pets and a focus on breaking down communication barriers for pet parents, you’ll see why Reihl’s business has blossomed. 

The journey

Riehl’s path to Pawsh began with a deep-rooted love for animals. This passion led her to Petco, where she started as a bather. “I always had a love for animals, especially dogs and cats,” she said. Her journey didn’t stop there. She pursued further education, honing her grooming skills and gaining a deeper understanding of animal care alongside what it takes to run a business like bookkeeping and accounting. 

Pawsh’s journey from a home-based grooming service to a well-established business in Edmond is a story of growth and adaptability. “I saw the clientele and need in the area, and I knew Edmond was the right place to start,” Riehl reflected.

The decision to create two locations was tumultuous. “With Covid and the struggles that 2020 and on have brought to the economy and industry, building anything seemed impossible due to astronomical costs,” Riehl explained, “When we found out another local salon around the corner was selling, I immediately reached out and started asking questions. Here we are a year later and two locations a mile apart.”


Pawsh has set itself apart in several ways: great communication, unique offerings, and excellent service. 

“The whole point of Pawsh was to break down the general mistrust that owners seemed to have about groomers at the time. I groomed in people’s homes so they could see how hard it was and the issues their dogs might be having and watch me interact with their dog and educate them in the process,” said Riehl.

These relationships were vital to growing her business later on. “These people I groomed for at home helped build Pawsh into the brick-and-mortar salons they are today.”

She never dreamed her business would get this big, but it became a part of her overall vision. “I never intended to have employees or for Pawsh to grow this big,” said Riehl. “I knew I wanted a safe and fair place for employees, where they have voices that can be heard. I wanted them to have time for family, time off on holidays, paid vacations, and working hours that still allow them a personal life.”

Reihl has also recently expanded to offer cat grooming specialists at both locations, ensuring that pet owners can get their feline friends looking fancy, too. 

Advice for others

Reihl also highlighted the significance of understanding the financial aspects of running a business and what you’re getting into. “Do your time learning from older, experienced groomers,” Riehl suggested. 

In sharing advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and groomers, Riehl draws from her own experiences at Pawsh. “Educate yourself; knowledge is power both in the industry and in dealing with customers,” she advised.

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