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Bluebird Books opens in downtown Edmond

By Tim Priebe | November 7, 2023

Bluebird Books held its grand opening on Saturday, October 28, bringing a new chapter of literary delight to the community. The event not only turned a page on the recent closing of a beloved local bookstore but also introduced a fresh space filled with books across genres, cozy reading areas, and sweet trinkets and gifts.

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Long-time marketing agency rebrands

By Phil Klutts | November 7, 2023

Founded in 2003 as T&S Web Design, Edmondite Tim Priebe’s company underwent its first major evolution in 2014 when it became T&S Online Marketing. Now, a full two decades after opening, it is embracing change once again to better reflect its expanded range of services and its innovative approach to digital marketing. T&S Online Marketing is now Backslash Creative. 

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EPSF announces the EDIEE Awards

By Tim Priebe | October 6, 2023

The intertwined growth of Edmond’s business landscape and its celebrated school system is no secret. Many families are drawn to Edmond because of its educational excellence, and this influx has a cascading effect on businesses.

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Brotherly bonds bake the way

By Michela Owen | October 6, 2023

It’s not every day that a renowned franchise, like the Ohio-based Donatos Pizza, makes its way to Edmond. The city’s culinary scene recently received a boost with the introduction of the famed Edge to Edge® pizza toppings, thanks to brothers Matt and Will McLain.

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From festivals to fine dining

By Brent Fuchs | September 7, 2023

Eddie Wrenn, III has made a mark in the Edmond culinary scene, owning multiple restaurants and driving innovation in the food scene. We dive deep into his life, experiences, and aspirations for the future. Q: When did you first get started in the food industry? A: I was probably ten or eleven. My grandfather owned,…

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Mental health offers hope and healing

By Tim Priebe | September 7, 2023

Amid Oklahoma’s concerning mental health statistics, a beacon of hope emerges from the heart of Edmond. Founded in 2015 by Chad Richardson, the Green Shoe Foundation began in south Edmond. It has already impacted the lives of people nationwide, providing a transformative experience for adults grappling with childhood relational trauma.

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Inexpensive ways to keep employees happy and engaged

By Michela Owen | August 8, 2023

Employee engagement is critical to any successful business because of how much impact employees make. A great employee can boost sales numbers, improve processes, and make a huge difference in the bottom line. On the flip side, an unhappy and unengaged employee can have the opposite effect. 

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Cool treats in Edmond

By Brent Fuchs | August 8, 2023

We are well and truly into the dog days of summer. Each day feels hotter than the last, and the nights don’t bring much relief. But there is hope! Edmond has some of the finest treats for keeping cool in the entire metro. Our team braved the heat and visited local ice cream shops, snow cone stands, and even the sole physical Bondi Bowl store in Oklahoma to find the best treats in town.

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Life, photography, and service: Dr. Neil Chapman’s journey

By Koshia Silver | July 4, 2023

Edmond resident Dr. Neil Chapman’s narrative is a tale that unfolds across history, art, and faith. From his days as a military code breaker during the Vietnam War to his transformation into a visionary photographer, Chapman’s path defies conventional expectations. His journey is not merely a collection of events; it is an exploration of the profound depths of the human spirit, a voyage that has left an indelible mark on his life and the lives of those who encounter his work.

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Top-15 finish for OC PR students

By Phil Klutts | July 4, 2023

In a display of talent and dedication, public relations students from Oklahoma Christian University (OC) have once again showcased their skills by securing a spot among the top-15 colleges in the nation in the prestigious Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Bateman Competition. This achievement marks the third time since 2016 that OC students have earned this recognition.

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