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Phil is an Edmond native and has managed to keep his wife here instead of traveling the world, which they both enjoy. They have two boys who love the outdoors, adventures, and learning new things. Phil is a problem-solver at heart and enjoys connecting people to the resources they need.

In addition to being the co-owner of Edmond Business, Phil founded the CK Group LLC after working for large and small businesses in the Energy, Construction, and Fitness industries. He focuses on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their systems and processes. CK Group LLC's mission is to eliminate chaos and create clarity for small business by connecting vision, strategy, and implementation.

“Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy

By Phil Klutts | September 12, 2023

“Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy is a fantastic book that extends far beyond the realm of advertising, making it a beneficial read for business professionals from all walks of life. While its title might suggest a niche audience, its contents are brimming with wisdom that transcends advertising industry boundaries, offering invaluable insights for those engaged in sales, communication, management, or anyone striving to refine their efficacy in conveying ideas.

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All the buzz on beekeeping

By Phil Klutts | August 22, 2023

The Scott family has done something with Sweet Stingers that many people try to do but often fail short of; built a business that supports their family, teaches their children, and is good for the earth. Justin Scott, his wife Melissa, and their children Lexi and Lucas do this with exciting products and an innovative…

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Practical strategies for work relationships

By Phil Klutts | August 15, 2023

So many aspects of our working lives revolve around the people in our organizations: coworkers, bosses, subordinates, clients, etc. Yet many of us don’t put strategic effort into making them better. In his book, “How to Work With (Almost) Anyone,” Michael Bungay Stanier gives us a framework and tactics to improve our working relationships. He brings forward five questions to complete a “Keystone Conversation” that will lead to what he calls the “Best Possible Relationship.”

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The evolving business world

By Phil Klutts | July 11, 2023

The business world is changing. In reality, the landscape in which we operate is always changing. Right now, however, seems to be an inflection point with massive changes in both the macro and micro scales of business. Murray writes that we could be looking at the “first major change in corporate ideology since at least the 1970s.”

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Top-15 finish for OC PR students

By Phil Klutts | July 4, 2023

In a display of talent and dedication, public relations students from Oklahoma Christian University (OC) have once again showcased their skills by securing a spot among the top-15 colleges in the nation in the prestigious Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Bateman Competition. This achievement marks the third time since 2016 that OC students have earned this recognition.

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Empowering workplaces

By Phil Klutts | June 13, 2023

t usually pick up books with curse words in the title, but Kim Scott has proven herself with effective strategies for leading and managing in her preceding work called Radical Candor. I often find myself discussing feedback with other leaders and going back to the strategies in Radical Candor during those discussions.

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Business leaders: prioritize mental health for success

By Phil Klutts | June 13, 2023

Leaders are often so focused on others that they neglect their needs. Serving your team and those around you is great but can lead to burnout and struggles. Even the best leaders need to focus inward and take care of themselves to ensure the energy and focus on their team. Being overworked, over-tired, and stress can eliminate all the hard work a leader does and sabotage results.

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Rethinking leadership assumptions

By Phil Klutts | May 9, 2023

In “Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader,” Herminia Ibarra challenges readers to rethink their assumptions about being a leader. Rather than assuming that leadership is a set of innate traits or skills, Ibarra argues that growth as a leader can be developed over time through practice and experimentation.

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Easy ways to prioritize mental health at work

By Phil Klutts | May 9, 2023

Mental health in the workplace is a critical issue that affects employers and employees alike. As we think about mental health in a business sense, it’s vital to realize that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for individuals or businesses. Resources, tactics, timing, and impact are different for each organization. You may be far from recognizing and helping support mental health or unsure what to do next. Don’t worry! Either way, there are easy ways to take one step forward in pursuing better mental health.

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Ensuring compassion for the insured

By Phil Klutts | April 18, 2023

Whether it’s a home, car, business, or planning for the inevitable, Nerissa Berry guides her clients to the best insurance options for their unique needs.

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