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Phil is an Edmond native and has managed to keep his wife here instead of traveling the world, which they both enjoy. They have two boys who love the outdoors, adventures, and learning new things. Phil is a problem-solver at heart and enjoys connecting people to the resources they need.

In addition to being the co-owner of Edmond Business, Phil founded the CK Group LLC after working for large and small businesses in the Energy, Construction, and Fitness industries. He focuses on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs improve their systems and processes. CK Group LLC's mission is to eliminate chaos and create clarity for small business by connecting vision, strategy, and implementation.

Material World

By Phil Klutts | May 16, 2024

Material World won’t catch your eye as a business book, but that’s one of the reasons why I want to share it with you. This book made it to my hands as a vacation read—not a work-related book but one that would still engage my mind. Despite my intention to escape, I continued to find business frameworks and relevant tidbits as I read through Spring Break. 

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Autmow of OKC

By Phil Klutts | April 16, 2024

Edmond resident Jason Scott could not find a local repair shop or feasible solution to repair his robotic lawn mower, so he started working on how to solve the problem. After some research, Scott created an LLC and applied to join as a licensee of a national brand, Autmow. He is now on the leading edge of lawn mowing technology and one of the only providers in Edmond and the metro. Being a part of the Autmow national network means customers gain expertise and experience with a local touch.

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Clear Thinking

By Phil Klutts | February 29, 2024

Shane Parrish spent his early career as a cybersecurity expert for the Canadian government in what he calls a “three letter agency” during a time of increased pressure and demanding workload due to growing hacking threats. He started an anonymous website and blog focused on self-improvement and better decision-making based on his own learning and desire to improve.

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Visit Edmond reveals a fresh new brand

By Phil Klutts | February 22, 2024

Every week, visitors come to Edmond for many reasons. It could be a business conference at the Edmond Conference Center, a baseball tournament at AC Caplinger baseball fields, a downtown festival, or a rodeo at the Lazy E Arena. And that is just a small portion of the events and places that draw visitors to our city. Edmond continues to grow as a destination for sports, conferences, vacations, and more.

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Impactful business books, part 3

By Phil Klutts | January 23, 2024

This is the third and final installment of a roundup of books that have most impacted my career. If you talk business or leadership with me for very long, you won’t be surprised to find a book from Patrick Lencioni on the list. I did have to decide which Lencioni book to put on the list because I didn’t feel right listing more than one here! 

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Preparing for next Christmas in the workplace

By Phil Klutts | December 29, 2023

As we reflect on the recent holiday season, where decorations brightened our workspaces and Christmas was in the air, it’s a fitting moment to think ahead for the next Christmas. For those who embrace its Christian roots, this past season might have been a time of missed opportunities to share our faith. 

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Impactful business books, part 2

By Phil Klutts | December 19, 2023

This second installment of books that have impacted my career takes a bit of a practical bent. These books have helped me structure my work and execute on specific tasks better for the past few years. From negotiating deals to structuring teams and coaching leaders, the words I use and the things I write are often influenced by these four books. Be sure to check out the Part One of this series.

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Donatos Pizza’s founders visit Edmond

By Phil Klutts | December 14, 2023

The founders of Donatos Pizza marked a significant milestone in Edmond on November 27. Jim Grote, the brand’s founder, alongside his daughter Jane Grote, Chairwoman and Chief Purpose Officer, and grandson Tony Capuano, Vice President of Franchise Operations, hosted a vibrant meet and greet event at the first Oklahoma franchise of Donatos Pizza, located at 1148 S. Bryant Ave.

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Navigating conflict in the workplace

By Phil Klutts | November 30, 2023

Conflict seems to be everywhere. The newsreels and our lives are full of acute and ongoing conflicts, from international disputes to close relationships with our family and colleagues. Although it would be great to live in complete peace, we know that conflict is a part of life, and we must deal with it. This is especially true at work. Most of the conflict we deal with is manageable and even expected in some situations but should not be ignored.

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Impactful business books

By Phil Klutts | November 16, 2023

I picked up almost every book I own last weekend. My wife and I burdened ourselves with preparing our house for new carpet, which is a good thing but took some time and effort. This meant every book had to be moved off the bookshelves so we could clear out our bedrooms and office for the refresh. We didn’t count the books, but the sack of boxes in the garage is impressive! 

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