By Phil Klutts
December 29, 2023

Preparing for next Christmas in the workplace

How can you share your faith at work next Christmas in a respectful, inclusive way?

As we reflect on the recent holiday season, where decorations brightened our workspaces and Christmas was in the air, it’s a fitting moment to think ahead for the next Christmas. For those who embrace its Christian roots, this past season might have been a time of missed opportunities to share our faith. 

But how do we do this in a respectful way that honors the diverse tapestry of beliefs in our workplace? Let’s unwrap this together.

Respecting the mosaic of beliefs

The workplace, a microcosm of the world, is diverse in cultures and beliefs. Understanding this means recognizing that not everyone views Christmas in the same way. Looking forward to next Christmas, think about initiating open, friendly conversations about holiday traditions as a way to share your faith. Remember, it’s about sharing joy and hope and inviting others to share their beliefs and traditions, enriching everyone involved.

Sharing the story of Christmas

Though Christmas has passed, it’s never too early to plan how to share its core story next year. At its heart is the birth of Jesus Christ, a narrative that has influenced centuries. When next December comes, consider sharing this story in a way that deepens understanding among colleagues, presented as part of your faith and heritage. Remember, framing is key; it’s not a sermon but a story that’s integral to your faith, offered as a gift, not a mandate.

Acts of kindness as reflections of faith

The Christmas narrative is one of love and giving. As you plan for next year, think of ways to demonstrate your faith through acts of kindness. Organizing charity drives, volunteer work, or simply supporting a colleague are powerful ways to reflect the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas symbols with meaning

Many symbols associated with Christmas hold Christian significance. In preparation for next Christmas, consider sharing the meanings behind these symbols, like the Christmas tree symbolizing everlasting life. These conversations can open doors to meaningful exchanges about faith and tradition.

Holiday events that bridge beliefs

As you look forward to the next Christmas season, plan workplace events that are inclusive and celebratory of all beliefs. Whether it’s a Christmas carol session or a multicultural holiday party, these events can create a sense of community and shared joy, transcending individual belief systems.

As we move beyond this Christmas season and start planning for the next, let’s use this Christmas season as an opportunity to share not just our faith but also our willingness to listen, learn, and love. By doing so, we embody the very principles that make this season so special.

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