Does AI pose a security risk to my business?

By Davis Merrey | June 7, 2024

AI itself does not inherently pose a security risk to your business, but there are considerations related to AI implementation that can impact security.

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Has college enrollment peaked?

By Nick Massey | June 7, 2024

Growing up in Sioux City, Iowa I worked part-time at a local Rexall drug store during high school. I enjoyed it a lot and stocked the shelves, rung up sales and helped the pharmacist count pills for prescription orders. I even earned the incredible wage of $1.50 an hour. This was in the early to mid-1960s.

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Intentional networking through relationships

By Kirsten Land | June 7, 2024

I’m often asked what the key to successful networking is, and my answer is always building meaningful relationships. Just like all relationships in your life, it takes effort and must be nurtured over time.

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Material World

By Phil Klutts | May 16, 2024

Material World won’t catch your eye as a business book, but that’s one of the reasons why I want to share it with you. This book made it to my hands as a vacation read—not a work-related book but one that would still engage my mind. Despite my intention to escape, I continued to find business frameworks and relevant tidbits as I read through Spring Break. 

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Share your brain health struggle

By Craig Booker | May 16, 2024

Going through brain health challenges can be one of the most challenging seasons a person will face. When it comes to brain health or mental health challenges, sadly, people tend to keep the details to themselves. As humans, whether at work or at home, we struggle to ask for help. Instead of opening up, we suffer in silence, keeping the struggle to ourselves. 

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Is Windows Virtual Desktop right for you?

By Davis Merrey | May 9, 2024

Windows Virtual Desktop, or WVD, is a cloud-based service allowing users to connect to their virtual desktops and applications from various devices. The computing resources (CPU, operating system, RAM, data storage, and applications) run on remote servers that are accessed by the Internet from a variety of devices. 

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Are you a hedgehog or a fox?

By Nick Massey | May 9, 2024

Here’s a simple question for you: “Are you a hedgehog or a fox?” The answer has profound implications for you. If the question rings a bell, maybe you’re familiar with the 1953 essay by philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin, “The Hedgehog and the Fox.” Many different essays have been written about this topic. There is a line from the Greek poet Archilochus that says: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

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Your best networking tool? What you give.

By Kirsten Land | May 9, 2024

Would you call yourself a giving person? We all want to be generous, but few are genuinely gracious. Even the most generous among us hope to receive something in return for their gifts, even if it is just a solid thank you or atta girl. 

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How to tell if you need a new website

By Tim Priebe | April 30, 2024

Back in 2021, I shared several reasons that you might want to redesign your website, ranging from improving loading speeds to changing business needs. While all of those are still valid reasons, I also shared a redesign is typically necessary every 2-5 years to stay modern. Since it’s been three years since I shared those reasons, that means the digital landscape has evolved. Naturally, so have the reasons to consider giving your website a fresh look.

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False dichotomy: secular vs. sacred

By Jeremy Robertson | April 30, 2024

A false dichotomy presents two seemingly opposite choices as the only potential choices. False dichotomies are fallacies that ignore a wide range of potentially nuanced outcomes.

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