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Kirsten Land is a longtime Edmond resident and business owner passionate about connection and service. Leading the charge at Land Enterprises Roofing after her husband's unexpected passing in 2019, Kirsten finds and conquers new leadership and businesses daily. In her free time, Kirsten enjoys spending time with her two boys, Evan and Daniel.

How to answer “What do you do?”

By Kirsten Land | July 19, 2024

What is the most asked question at a networking event? If you said, “What do you do?” Then you are correct! We have been pre-programmed our entire lives to ask this question because it helps us understand a little bit about the person we just met. It also serves as a good conversation starter.

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Intentional networking through relationships

By Kirsten Land | June 7, 2024

I’m often asked what the key to successful networking is, and my answer is always building meaningful relationships. Just like all relationships in your life, it takes effort and must be nurtured over time.

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Your best networking tool? What you give.

By Kirsten Land | May 9, 2024

Would you call yourself a giving person? We all want to be generous, but few are genuinely gracious. Even the most generous among us hope to receive something in return for their gifts, even if it is just a solid thank you or atta girl. 

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