“Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy

By Phil Klutts | September 12, 2023

“Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy is a fantastic book that extends far beyond the realm of advertising, making it a beneficial read for business professionals from all walks of life. While its title might suggest a niche audience, its contents are brimming with wisdom that transcends advertising industry boundaries, offering invaluable insights for those engaged in sales, communication, management, or anyone striving to refine their efficacy in conveying ideas.

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How employers can embrace mental health

By Craig Booker | September 12, 2023

It is no surprise that the pandemic forever changed how many people now work, shop, and eat. Employers and employees both know that prioritizing mental well-being is now a necessity. The shared experiences of many worldwide provided tangible evidence on a massive scale that mental health impacts business. Organizations no longer question how brain health affects the bottom line, productivity, and office morale.

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Is Microsoft 365 reseller pricing fair?

By Davis Merrey | September 7, 2023

“My MSP charges me more for Microsoft 365 than my cost if I purchase the services directly from Microsoft? Is that fair?”

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Opportunities in oil

By Nick Massey | September 7, 2023

You may not have heard of Edwin Drake, also known as Colonel Drake, but he was an American businessman in Pennsylvania and the first American to drill for oil successfully. He lived from 1819 to 1880, but his legacy has much to do with the high standard of living we all enjoy today.

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Why your sales scripts don’t work

By Mike Crandall | August 29, 2023

The young sales rep was excited about his new role. He had been hired by the company straight out of school to sell to the business world. After all of the training, he finally had his first solo sales call. He enthusiastically went through everything he had been trained to do. Afterward, he raced back to the office to debrief his call with the sales manager.

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Don’t be fooled by fraud

By Glen McCall | August 22, 2023

From the moment we book our tickets, our minds become consumed with visions of breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cultures, and unforgettable experiences.

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How to build your B2B email list

By Tim Priebe | August 22, 2023

In the world of B2B marketing, the power of email can’t be ignored. It’s a direct line to your potential clients, offering an opportunity to reach them right where they live: their inbox.

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Practical strategies for work relationships

By Phil Klutts | August 15, 2023

So many aspects of our working lives revolve around the people in our organizations: coworkers, bosses, subordinates, clients, etc. Yet many of us don’t put strategic effort into making them better. In his book, “How to Work With (Almost) Anyone,” Michael Bungay Stanier gives us a framework and tactics to improve our working relationships. He brings forward five questions to complete a “Keystone Conversation” that will lead to what he calls the “Best Possible Relationship.”

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How employers can support new fathers

By Craig Booker | August 15, 2023

As we continue in the pursuit of improving mental health in our community and the workplace, it is imperative that we proactively take steps to support the family. One of the growing challenges facing any business is attracting and retaining talent. Employees are asking much more from employers than great pay and benefits. Working fathers are seeking greater work-life balance, prioritizing individual and family well-being.

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Are “business-grade” laptops worth it?

By Davis Merrey | August 8, 2023

Does this sound familiar? “My IT team insists that we buy only ‘business grade’ computers. But they cost hundreds of dollars more than those available at the big box stores or from online retailers. Do I really need to invest that much more? What do I get for that extra money?”

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