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Mike Crandall lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Author focused on the Subconscious Psychology of Human Interaction and Motivation. His firm specializes in Sales, Management, and Leadership Development for Proactive Business Growth. Mike is based in Oklahoma and serves Visionary Clients across the United States. He can be reached at or at (405) 844-1700.

How to handle communication breakdowns

By Mike Crandall | August 24, 2021

Think about how crucial communication is in business and life in general. We all communicate every single day, whether we intend to or not. Because it is so important and we continuously do it, we also tend to goof it up—often way, way more than we realize. Each day, there are communication breakdowns around us that we aren’t aware of.

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Exploring the 100 to 1 growth ratio

By Mike Crandall | July 27, 2021

Growth, in business and in life, starts with an idea, and there is no shortage of ideas. The average adult has 70,000 plus thoughts every day, many of those are ideas—ideas of tasks to do, things to try, stuff to focus on, different ways to do something, and etc. It can be quite overwhelming! Understanding a few things about these ideas and how to narrow down what to do with them is a crucial step to growth and success.

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The power of playbooks

By Mike Crandall | June 22, 2021

If you are like most leaders, you have been frustrated with inconsistent results, outcomes, or interactions. This frustration is often driven by seeing or watching how people carry out different tasks in different ways and situations, which leads to incredibly inconsistent results. When polled, business owners and leaders share this as a top frustration for…

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Think, act, and interact

By Mike Crandall | May 25, 2021

Every business owner, leader, or professional who seeks outside help (coaching, consulting, and training) really wants one thing: different interactions. Those could be internal, with their employees, between team members, or during internal meetings. They could be external with clients, prospects, candidates, or etc. Regardless, owners and leaders want themselves and their people to have…

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Coulda, woulda, shoulda

By Mike Crandall | April 27, 2021

Although they may not officially be real words, they get used every day in human interactions, both professionally and personally, and they tend to be some of the most costly words that get used in everyday life.  Way too frequently we end a meeting, leave an appointment, or hang up from a phone call and…

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How to gain real wisdom

By Mike Crandall | March 23, 2021

Think about the word “wisdom” for a minute. We use it, in some form, all the time in both our professional and our personal lives. Often, we refer to certain people as “wise” or say that they are full of “wisdom.” Countless times we look to get “wisdom” from others. We seek it out, looking…

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“Gentlemen, this is a football!”

By Mike Crandall | February 23, 2021

“Gentlemen, this is a football!” That is one of the most famous and often used sports quotes in history. However, most don’t know its real history or how to apply it to their businesses and lives. In July 1961, Vince Lombardi kicked off the first day of training camp for the 38 players on his…

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Three keys to a better year

By Mike Crandall | January 26, 2021

If you have always, 100% of the time, accomplished everything you ever wanted in your life, please stop reading. However, if you are like 99.9% of the population who have been frustrated with what you have (or haven’t) accomplished, keep reading. This will help you have a better year.   This is the time of…

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3 keys to finishing the year strong

By Mike Crandall | December 22, 2020

We are at that interesting time on the calendar where people start counting the days until the end of the year. Some do it because they are excited about something coming up. Others do it because they are looking forward to it being over and getting a fresh start in the new year. Regardless of…

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Awareness is where growth starts

By Mike Crandall | November 17, 2020

Have you ever met the person who says, “I am a great listener,” then doesn’t stop talking for the next 20 minutes as they proceed to tell you how great of a listener they are? Likely you have, and internally thought this person has no clue. There seems to be an abundance of these people…

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