By Mike Crandall
September 28, 2023

3 types of learners – which are you?

Are you constantly frustrated with the pace at which others learn? Understand the three types of learners.

Have you ever been frustrated because you wanted someone else to learn something and they did not? It is very common for people to get frustrated because others around them don’t seem to learn very well. This is especially true in leadership and parenting. Leaders get frustrated or even upset and angry when people they lead don’t learn things, they want them to learn. This is also very true for parents and their children. 

Whether you are a leader, parent, or both – here is a great way to help you think about learning and How and why it happens so easily for some and not so much for others. 

To better understand why this does or does not happen, we need to understand and dissect the three types of learners. These are not meant to be offensive and have nothing to do with intelligence. It is to help understand how people choose to process information and make decisions about learning. Using this model will help you identify the types of learners around you as a leader. So that you can work the concept into your recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, coaching, development, and review processes.

These are also things that most people can grow into with desire and commitment to get better. That is especially true with the correct exposure, encouragement, practice, coaching, and reinforcement around how to become a better learner.  

The first type of learner, sometimes called the Non-Learner, is often referred to as a Loser. These are people on your team who really never learn anything – regardless of what is put in front of them or who the info comes from. This is typically because they are driven by fear, apathy, ignorance, and/or ego. That fear is used to consciously or, more commonly, subconsciously make the decision to learn or not learn. They often have their mind made up on things before any information is exchanged or shared.  

The second type of learner is the At-Leaster Learner. These are people who do learn, however, in very specific predetermined environments. Commonly they have decided they can learn from this person or this event because of some reason. That often includes being a well-known author or on stage at a specific event they believe is high value. Their learning is greatly limited because of the predetermined decision of who and where they can learn. This predetermined mindset of who and where they can learn greatly limits the opportunities for them and others around them. 

The third type of learner is the Winner Learner. These are the people who truly believe they can learn from every situation, interaction, experience, or person around them. They are constantly looking for ways to take things away and learn from everything around them. Each situation and opportunity is approached with an open and willing mindset of getting something from it. It is very common for them to pick up subtle things they can learn from, even in common situations like sitting at a table in a restaurant watching a server. 

Obviously, all three of these types of learners are all around us. And we are all one of them as well. Likely you have noticed these things about your team, co-workers, family, friends, etc. However, it is not likely that you have paid attention enough to understand the differences, why they exist, or what to do about it. 

So let me ask – what type of learner are you? What type of learners do you have on your team? Is that type of learning helping or hurting your business?

If you do not know or do not like your answers – you should find a business growth consultant who can support you in elevating your performance.

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