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Systems for success

By Mike Crandall | May 23, 2023

When you look at others you consider successful, have you noticed the systems they have in place and follow? A frequently overlooked key to success is the power of having a system for things.

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21st-century thinking

By Mike Crandall | April 25, 2023

The number of things around us is ever-changing, and they are changing at an increasing rate. Certainly, you have noticed changes in the last couple of years, months, and possibly even the last couple of days. No one can deny the change or the speed it’s happening.

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Stop trying

By Mike Crandall | March 28, 2023

How would you feel on your wedding day if, during the vows, instead of hearing “I do,” you heard “I’ll try” from your spouse-to-be? What about if, when flying, the pilot said we’re “going to try” and land safely instead of “we’re going to” land safely? If you’re like more than 99% of the population, hearing either would make you extremely uncomfortable. Now let me ask: How often do you use “try” in your life or accept it from others?

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Stop wasting money

By Mike Crandall | February 28, 2023

Everyone hates waste—in our personal lives and our professional lives. However, we seldom truly analyze our waste. We should focus on eliminating waste in three main areas: time, energy, and money.

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Getting what you’ve never had

By Mike Crandall | January 24, 2023

We all have things we want that we don’t have—or don’t have yet. Think about what you want in your business or life, especially those you’ve wanted for some time and still don’t have. Maybe they’re tangible, physical things, or maybe they’re intangible. Have you thought about why you don’t have them?

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Being gutsy for sales success

By Mike Crandall | November 22, 2022

If only I had asked…(fill in the blank)? This is one of the most costly questions professionals have. It is also an extremely common thought that sales professionals, managers, leaders, and business owners share. How often have you left a meeting and thought to yourself, “I wish I would have asked…” or “I wish I would have said…”? If you are like most people, these thoughts cross your mind regularly. We find that many people know what they should ask or say; they just do not do it or are uncomfortable doing it. This frequent issue holds most people back and keeps them from achieving their goals and the growth they seek.  

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MAGIC leadership for growth

By Mike Crandall | October 25, 2022

We live in a unique time with so many challenges yet many opportunities. Each day we are faced with more things than we have the time or energy to do. For those in leadership, this is an even greater challenge—not only do our decisions impact us, but they also impact others we lead. So how do we navigate? Additionally, leaders are often very uncomfortable when they think that with every minute they spend on the wrong thing or with the wrong person, they have cheated the right thing or person out of. And they become even more uncomfortable with how that plays out for each person in the organization or team. How do we decide where to put time, energy, money, and other resources? 

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Protecting your energy

By Mike Crandall | September 27, 2022

Our second most precious commodity is our energy (second only to our time)—each day, week, month, etc., we only have so much energy to put into things in our life. This means we need to choose where our energy goes wisely, as every ounce matters. If we put energy into the wrong things, wrong people, etc., we negatively affect our potential. This is true professionally and personally. Because it is such a precious and limited resource, every drop of energy you put into the wrong thing, you rob the right things out of! 

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Stop wasting time!

By Mike Crandall | July 26, 2022

Our most precious commodity is time—we only have so much each day, week, month, etc. Because it is such a precious and limited resource, we must fully understand that every minute you spend with the wrong person, you cheat the right person out of! 

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Sincerity vs. insincerity in sales

By Mike Crandall | June 28, 2022

Even though they may not be clearly defined, you likely have some long-term objectives for yourself, your family, your career, your business, etc. (I would be remiss if I did not share the fact they should be defined; however that is a topic for another column.) Recently I heard something that bothers me greatly and has since I heard it. I was visiting with a potential client and was saddened to learn of a bad experience they had with a consultant who provides services similar to ours.

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