By Tim Priebe
June 20, 2024

3 ways to get more strategic with your website

Enhance your website's impact with these strategic tips for better engagement and effectiveness.

When I started my company twenty years ago, it was enough for an organization to simply have a website. Now, you need to be more strategic than that. Your website must be engaging and tailored to meet your audience’s needs.

Here are three ways to get more strategic with your website.

Utilize psychology

Understanding the psychology of your target market and adjusting your marketing accordingly can make a huge difference. You can create a more engaging and useful experience online by understanding behavior and communication.

  • Color Theory: Use colors that elicit the emotional reaction you want. For example, orange often makes people think of creativity, while blue can convey trust and security.
  • DISC: Tailor your content to different communication profiles based on your target audience or audience personas. For instance, Dominant styles in DISC prefer direct and concise information, while Conscientious types want details and data-driven information.
  • Clear Messaging: Ensure your messaging on your website is clear, makes it obvious what you do, and conveys that—for the right person—you have what they need. Focus on how you solve their issues.

Integrate marketing automation

I’m a bit biased, as my company is a HubSpot Partner, but marketing automation has the power to help align marketing and sales efforts and streamline processes in your marketing, communication, and sales. Integrating marketing automation into your website can help you nurture leads, personalize their experience, and ultimately drive more sales.

Marketing automation allows you to deliver content customized to individual users’ behaviors and preferences, ensuring each person receives a personalized experience. By automating email campaigns and other repetitive tasks, you can keep potential customers engaged until they’re ready to talk with you about making a purchase.

Once an individual is ready to talk, you can also utilize data that provides valuable insights during the sales process.

Use custom photography and video content

Visual content is a powerful tool for capturing attention and communicating what issues you solve for your target market.

Several of the benefits of custom photography and video content include:

  • Authenticity: Custom photos and videos showcase your organization’s unique personality and authenticity.
  • Engagement: Videos and high-quality images typically increase engagement on various platforms, including your website.
  • Storytelling: Visual content helps you tell a story that makes your ideal customer the hero while making you the guide on their journey.

Investing in custom photography and video content can significantly enhance your website’s visual appeal and effectiveness.

Ready to get more strategic?

You can create a more engaging, personalized, and effective online presence by utilizing psychology, integrating marketing automation, and using custom photography and video content.

Reach out to your website provider today to see if they can help you with some of these strategies. If not, my team and I would be happy to talk. You can email me at

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