By Tim Priebe
December 19, 2023

Professional Q&A: Paula Buford

Discover Paula Buford's inspiring journey from retail management to thriving as an inside sales manager and an Edmond Chamber ambassador.
Paula Buford at the Land Enterprises Roofing office (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Paula Buford is the inside sales manager at Land Enterprises Roofing. She’s also an ambassador for the Edmond Chamber. She works tirelessly to ensure customers get everything they are entitled to from their insurance. Read on to learn about her unique journey.

Q: Do you live in Edmond, work in Edmond, or both?

A: I have worked in Edmond for 11 years but just moved to Edmond 2 and 1/2 years ago.

Q: Where did you grow up and go to school?

A: I grew up in Kansas. I graduated from High School in Liberal, Kansas. I was involved in band and debating and was a writer on the yearbook staff for 3 years. My dad worked for the State of Kansas, so we moved around a lot. 

Q: What did you do prior to getting involved with Land Enterprises Roofing?

A: Before joining the Land team, I worked as a Store manager for Dollar General and a Loss Prevention manager for Albertson and Ross.  I moved to Oklahoma 17 years ago for work and have loved it ever since. 

Q: How did you get involved with Land Enterprises Roofing?

A: I wanted to change my career because I was getting burnt out in retail. I had a friend who was working for a temp service, and I asked her about looking for something. She told me that she had the perfect job for me. She sent me out to interview with Kirsten Land and that went well. Kirsten asked me to come back and work a half day to see if that was something I wanted to do and if it would work out for both of us. The rest is history. I was hired as the Office manager in 2012 and have enjoyed the journey that it has taken me on. I have grown in knowledge of the roofing industry and working with a team that wants to ensure that each customer gets a quality install of their roofing needs. 

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The best part of my job is helping others. Helping them walk through the insurance process, to getting their roof on and to collecting the final payments. Building rapport with each of them. 

Q: What’s something you’re passionate about in your personal life?

A: I love music. I am involved in playing at church on the drums. I love to serve others. I am helping out on a new ministry that we will be starting in 2024 at my church and I am excited to walk through life helping others to find their hope and desire that God has laid out for them. 

Q: What do you like about Edmond?

A: I love the small-town feel but am blown away at how many different businesses there are here, from the small mom-and-pop stores to the many different restaurants there are to choose from. 

Q: What is your number one tip for other professionals, either for work or life in general?

A: Be a giver from the start, and you will be amazed at what you get in return.  Help others build their business, and they will help you build yours.

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