Professional Q&A

Professional Q&A: Reagan Hamlin

By Tim Priebe | November 16, 2023

Reagan Hamlin has spent the last 20 years working in the Edmond area. As the Executive Director of Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, Reagan takes her passion for animals to new heights and connects pets to their perfect forever families.

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Professional Q&A: Ashley Spence

By Tim Priebe | October 12, 2023

Ashley Spence, the Vice President at LilyPad, the provider of all-in-one childcare management software, shares her story and how it intersects with Edmond. From her early days as the Easter Bunny at Quail Springs Mall to a pivotal role at LilyPad, her journey reflects a blend of professional evolution and deep-rooted community ties. Discover Ashley’s unique trajectory, her love for Edmond’s communal spirit, and insightful tips for fellow professionals.

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Professional Q&A: Angie Clemens Byers

By Tim Priebe | September 12, 2023

Meet Angie Clemens Byers, the Market Outreach and Lending Officer at First United Bank in Edmond. A true Edmond enthusiast, Angie has called this vibrant community home for years. With a passion for local businesses and a love for the outdoors, she’s a genuine advocate for the town.

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Professional Q&A: Doyce Crandall

By Tim Priebe | August 15, 2023

Doyce Crandall owns Focused School Photography and does business across Oklahoma and the Midwest but calls Edmond her home. Despite living in several places over the years, she settled down in Edmond and owns a business doing what she loves.

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Professional Q&A: Alisha Allen-Gardner

By Tim Priebe | July 11, 2023

Meet Alisha Allen Gardner, an accomplished CEO, co-owner of Easy Time Clock and LilyPad, and a friend of mine for several years now. With her remarkable career trajectory and a genuine passion for helping others, Alisha has made waves in the business landscape.

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Professional Q&A: Kelly Vaughn

By Tim Priebe | June 13, 2023

Kelly Vaughn, the esteemed Director of Facilities Administration at the University of Central Oklahoma, is not only dedicated to ensuring a top-notch educational environment but also deeply committed to making a positive impact on the Edmond community

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Professional Q&A: Bryan Clifton

By Tim Priebe | May 9, 2023

Bryan Clifton is the founder and CEO of the Council of Entrepreneurs, an organization that brings together business owners in the Oklahoma City area to discuss family and business challenges. With a background in accounting, finance, and organizational development, Bryan has been starting and selling businesses for as long as he can remember. In this Q&A interview, we dive into Bryan’s journey as an entrepreneur, involvement in the Council of Entrepreneurs, and advice for other professionals.

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Professional Q&A: Kyle Mauck

By Tim Priebe | April 11, 2023

Looking for advancement in his field, Kyle Mauck began his business, 2nd Mile Solutions LLC, in 2016. He serves as its chief innovation officer and prioritizes service and furthering his mission work as pillars of his business.

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Professional Q&A: Deanna Boston

By Tim Priebe | March 14, 2023

In her current role as chief executive officer of the Edmond Public Schools Foundation, Deanna Boston draws from more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. With a passion for public education, she’s determined to pave the way for the next generation of nonprofit leaders.

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Professional Q&A: Angela Grunewald

By Tim Priebe | February 14, 2023

With a career-long passion for education, Dr. Angela Grunewald now serves as superintendent for Edmond Public Schools (EPS). She’s the first female superintendent in the district’s history. 

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