By Phil Klutts
April 16, 2024

Autmow of OKC

Discover how Jason Scott turned a personal challenge into a thriving business with robotic lawnmowers.
Jason Scott with Autmow of OKC (Photo provided)

Edmond resident Jason Scott could not find a local repair shop or feasible solution to repair his robotic lawn mower, so he started working on how to solve the problem. After some research, Scott created an LLC and applied to join as a licensee of a national brand, Autmow. He is now on the leading edge of lawn mowing technology and one of the only providers in Edmond and the metro. Being a part of the Autmow national network means customers gain expertise and experience with a local touch.

The rise of robotic lawnmowers 

One of Autmow’s robotic lawnmowers (Photo provided)

Robotic lawnmowers are relatively new to the market but are gaining steam due to technology advancements and benefits from automation. Gaining more time was the primary benefit to Scott getting started with a robotic lawn mower back in 2021.

Scott said he would leave work and spend Friday afternoon mowing to enjoy the rest of the weekend with his family. Employing a robotic lawn mower allowed him to recapture the majority of his time and enjoy a neatly manicured lawn at the same time.

From personal need to business opportunity

An unfortunate incident left Scott’s mower damaged. Scott couldn’t find a repair shop, which put him in problem-solving mode. After researching and discussing this with his son, they decided to start a business together.

Autmow of OKC is now gaining a following and looking to help Edmond and other areas catch the wave of technology and automation, enjoying the many benefits of robotic mowers.

Expertise in automation

Scott is not new to running technology and automation. He has led automation efforts in the oil & gas industry for many years and used his spare time to learn home automation. He deeply understands the practical application of the technology now available for homeowners and businesses.

Scott believes robotic mowers will gain market share as the technology improves and awareness increases.

Benefits of robotic mowers

Getting your time back may be the most apparent benefit of robotic mowers. But there can be many more:

  • Reduced Emissions. Robotic mowers are battery-powered, eliminating the exhaust from small mower engines.
  • Clean Cut. Robotic mowers cut regularly (even up to every day or night), helping keep the grass healthy and resisting weed growth.
  • Safety. Anti-collision sensors, safety stop devices, and alarms are just part of the tools employed to keep your family and pets safe.
  • Less Maintenance. No oil changes or gasoline is required.
  • Quietness. Robotic lawnmowers won’t bother you or your neighbors, even when operating at night.

It’s easy to see how these benefits are leading to an increased adoption of robotic mowers. Technological advances and new systems are making up ground on the clunky and cumbersome robotic mowers of the past. GPS, wifi, and sensor technology have made it even more feasible for homeowners to set up and use these mowers.

Products and services offered by Autmow of OKC

Automow of OKC stocks mowers ready for your lawn, or they can order from several brands to get just the right product for your lawn. Residential models start at less than $1,000. More advanced models can run into the multiple thousands of dollars and cover several acres with GPS technology.

Leading the market

Not only does Autmow lead the industry in residential sales and service, but it also serves commercial and municipal clients. The three biggest benefits for municipal and commercial customers are reduced noise pollution, off-hours cutting, and extending your crew’s ability to do more. Sports turf, golf courses, and school campuses all benefit from robotic mowers.

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