By Michela Owen
January 19, 2024

Empathetic business success

At Daniel Rowe Chiropractic and Acupuncture, passion and empathy meet business acumen.
Dr. Rowe at his office in Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Have you ever met someone with incredible passion and immense skill in their chosen profession? If you have, you know that after a conversation with them or even experiencing their work firsthand, you can’t help but get excited about what they are doing, too.

Dr. Daniel Rowe is one of those people. There are few physicians of any kind with the deep compassion, empathetic listening skills, and business savvy as Dr. Rowe. In a world of people ready to sell you a quick fix for your business or body, Dr. Rowe stands apart as an example to those in any profession. 

How it all started

Dr. Rowe’s approach to chiropractic care is rooted in a rich family heritage that dates back to the late 19th century. But it’s not just the chiropractic skills passed down through generations that make Dr. Rowe’s practice stand out; it’s his astute understanding of the business of healing.

His grandfather practiced in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma, in the 1800s, and his father and uncle went on to practice in Logan, Oklahoma. The stories of how they made an impact on their patients drove him to pursue the practice on his own terms. 

Becoming an Edmondite

While pursuing his degree at the University of Central Oklahoma, Dr. Rowe grew to love Edmond and its people while learning about the complexities of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and chiropractic.

When it came time to start his practice, it felt natural to stay in Edmond, where he had already planted roots.

“These are my people,” said Rowe. “This whole group is entrepreneurial, and that means they take honest accountability for what they do. That jives with my purpose here.”

Balancing care & entrepreneurship

“Being a doctor and a business person are actually one and the same,” Rowe asserted. His practice reflects this philosophy, where the art of healing and the science of business blend. Every aspect of his clinic, from patient care to staff management, is based on respect for people. 

In the clinic, Dr. Rowe’s leadership style mirrors his holistic approach to patient care. His staff are not just employees but integral members of a team dedicated to a common mission. He emphasizes the importance of effective communication, respect, and empathy in every interaction, whether with patients or team members. “It all starts from the heart, goes through your head, and goes through your hands,” he shared, describing his philosophy of care and business.

But he also has a serious process any business owner can employ. “So, it’s not that you just have low overhead; you have to have a structure,” said Rowe. “It has to be one where you can efficiently help a person. It requires skill, good intentions, high character, and integrity. When you add all those components together in business, you’re scaled up to perform a service that is  so desperately needed.”

Patient experience

Dr. Daniel Rowe (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

The impact of Dr. Rowe’s unique approach to healthcare is best illustrated through the experiences of his patients. Dr. Rowe’s clinic is constantly full, but patients are seen quickly. This is just one of many reasons his business has grown, primarily through referrals. 

Melanie Thompson, DNP, a Family Medicine provider from Yukon, OK, drives to Edmond three times weekly for treatment because of a referral. 

“A friend referred me to Dr Rowe because she knew I was having daily neck pain, two years after a neck surgery,” said Thompson. “After meeting Dr. Rowe and following his treatment plan, I have been able to stop all of my pain medication, and I have little to no pain and so much energy back.”

The experience is different by design, according to Dr. Rowe. “When you walk into my office, we hear you. We’re going to listen to you. We’re going to know your name.” 

This is all part of the experience of the clinic, built on simply doing things for people. “Have you ever been to a restaurant and you ask where the restroom is? Some people will point, and then others will say, ‘Follow me.’ When you give value to what people ask, that’s when it makes a difference,” Rowe explained.

Giving back

Dr. Rowe’s passion has an impact far greater than just his patients. Besides each of his siblings and his children being chiropractors, he teaches up to 2,000 people each year to do what he does. 

“When you run a practice, you cannot be the person of great knowledge that speaks in a language nobody else understands.” Says Rowe. 

“Because how many times have you ever seen a doctor and you walk out of it, and they didn’t listen to me?” asked Rowe. He hopes to teach the next generation of doctors how to heal by listening, understanding, empathizing, and then treating. 

Future plans

Dr. Rowe’s vision for the future is as clear as it is ambitious. The next big step for his practice is the construction of a new facility adjacent to his current clinic to do everything but surgery to help people live healthier, pain-free, more mobile lives.

He hopes to do this with new innovative technology. That therapy makes cells permeable to release inflammation, increases circulation by 300%, and causes swelling to go down. He plans to build a chiropractic hospital that offers this and other innovative treatments that will help ensure patients no longer need to use cortisone injections, steroid injections, or opiates over a long period. 

For anyone looking to resolve decades-old aches and pains, experience empathetic care, or next-gen software technology, Dr. Daniel Rowe Chiropractic and Acupuncture is there to listen and serve.  

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