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Growing a business hurts

By Phil Klutts | January 4, 2022

My two boys—ages 9 and 12—often comment that their legs are hurting when they go to bed. Based on how they describe it, I know that they are experiencing growing pains. I remember being the same age and feeling the same thing. I also recognize their eating and behavioral norms that indicate they’re growing physically. Not to mention the pants and shoes that are too small and the trips to the store to shop for new clothes!

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Business lessons from the Serenity Prayer

By Tim Priebe | October 5, 2021

Even if you’ve never suffered from addiction or witnessed a loved one suffer from it, it’s highly likely you’ve heard of the Serenity Prayer. But have you thought of it in terms of the business world?

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Mayor Davis shares progress toward goals

By Tim Priebe | September 7, 2021

Recently, I was fortunate enough to attend the State of the City luncheon where Edmond Mayor Davis Darrell shared the City Council’s strategic plan goals. He shared the following goals with a target of less than two years…

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Women-owned businesses

By Tim Priebe | August 3, 2021

This summer has seen a continued return to pre-pandemic life for many in the business world. Of course, all will continue to see the impact of the pandemic for years to come. Throughout the past year of our history here at Edmond Business, we’ve shared business stories both directly related to the pandemic and unrelated.

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My race and gender bubble

By Tim Priebe | July 6, 2021

My parents raised me well. I was raised to believe that each person is of equal value while also being a unique individual. Naturally, my faith helped with that outlook as well. My mom especially ensured that I met and socialized with people of many races and socioeconomic statuses. As a result, I grew up…

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Business is a journey, not the destination

By Tim Priebe | June 1, 2021

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in my two decades in the digital marketing world, and I’m privileged to interact with many more now in my role as publisher of Edmond Business. In that time, I’ve met with many business owners, and most of them are wired in one of two ways. Some of them…

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What if you blurred the lines?

By Tim Priebe | May 4, 2021

I am a fairly driven guy. I set aggressive goals, work hard, and don’t accept excuses from myself. I should probably go easier on myself, but it’s one of the ways I’ve been able to start multiple businesses, write five digital marketing books, spend time with my family, and stay active in my church. A…

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Make 2021 better than 2020

By Tim Priebe | April 6, 2021

So far, 2021 is shaping up to be leaps and bounds better than 2020. This month, Sarah Dickson shares in her first economic column how well Edmond is doing this year so far compared with the same period last year. Last month we shared how the PPOk in Edmond was leading independent pharmacies in a vaccination…

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How I hack my goals

By Tim Priebe | March 2, 2021

Several years ago, I developed a simple system that has helped me accomplish most of the yearly goals I have set. In the few years since I put this system into practice, I’ve completed more of my annual goals than I had in all the years prior combined, including both personal and business goals. What…

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Dealing with burnout

By Tim Priebe | February 2, 2021

With over 12 million people currently unemployed in the United States right now, those of us who are gainfully employed or own a business can feel some pressure to put in additional hours. If you’re not careful, that can cause burn out! I have run one of my businesses since 2003 and now own a second business…

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