By Tim Priebe
March 2, 2021

How I hack my goals

Discover a simple system that has helped one person accomplish most of the yearly goals he sets.
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Several years ago, I developed a simple system that has helped me accomplish most of the yearly goals I have set. In the few years since I put this system into practice, I’ve completed more of my annual goals than I had in all the years prior combined, including both personal and business goals.

What is this system that’s worked so well for me? Set milestones that are far more than I actually need to achieve my goals.

Sales is an excellent example of this in business. Let’s say my goal is to sell $10,000 worth of retainer agreements in a year. In that case, I would set a monthly milestone of $1,000. If I hit my monthly milestone, I’ll sell well over $10,000 worth of retainer agreements in that year.

Bible reading is an excellent example of a personal goal. If I want to read through the entire Bible in a year, I might pick a plan designed for reading through the Bible in a year, then read two day’s worth of readings each day.

Want to walk 1,000 miles in a year? Shoot for 100 or more each month.

Want to write a book this year? Break it up into twelve chunks, then do two chunks each month.

Sound ambitious? Some people tell me it is. However, what it really does is give me is room for error, which lessens my stress.

Of course, another point of view is I need to increase my goals if I’m accomplishing them so “easily.” There are two reasons I don’t do that.

First, I don’t stop the activity once I reach the goal. Second, it’s generally the activity that’s beneficial, not hitting the goal.

As it turns out, nobody cares if I walk 1,000 miles in a year. But by frequently walking to hit that goal, I improve my health and wellness.

This system may or may not work for you. Part of it will depend on whether the behaviors needed to hit the goal are beneficial in and of themselves. But consider using it on one of the goals you’ve set for yourself this year.

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