By Mike Crandall
May 24, 2022

One good idea

It is doubtful that you will get a good idea without outside information or support.

There is a fundamental truth in the business world that spills into our personal lives as well. This concept is something I have used with people I have coached for over twenty years. That concept is that we are all “one good idea” away from a dramatic change. This is true in all aspects of our lives – both professional and personal.

This could be “one good idea” in running your business, how to recruit or hire, how to uncover info, how to sell, how to run a meeting, or many other things that impact our professional lives. It could be many things in our personal lives too. 

When people hear this – almost all agree with it quickly and wholeheartedly. The challenge is how we get the idea and what we do to set up for it. The odds are very slim that sitting around in your office by yourself will lead you to a good idea. It is also doubtful that you will get the idea without outside information or support. 

For the “one good idea” concept to work – we need to have a few things:

  1. We need to be open to receiving the “one good idea.”
  2. We need to be in an environment or community where ideas can generate.
  3. We need to know how to sort good from bad ideas. 
  4. We need to commit to taking action after we get the idea.

Our mindset and openness are the first keys – we have to be open to the fact that we are “one good idea” from a dramatic change. We also have to be open to a good idea coming from anyone at any time. However, we have to be open and looking for it as well. 

Next, we have to surround ourselves with a support system where this can happen more easily. Often this is done by being part of a group of highly driven and ambitious people who are all learning and seeking growth. This creates an environment and medium for the ideas to come up more often and more easily. 

Once we have an idea, we have to be able to quickly sort and discern which are truly good and which are a distraction. The odds are very slim that we can do this without great outside support. 

Finally, we have to be able to actually do something with the idea. Often people get great ideas but never do anything with them. If we don’t take action, nothing will happen or change. 

This concept is the core of what our clients share keeps them coming back week after week and year after year. Recently I had someone share with me, “Mike we are all one good idea away from dramatic change, and those ideas only come surrounding yourself with others who are going to help you by challenging your thinking. This is why our leadership team and I continue to come to your program. Every good idea we have put into our business the last several years came from plugging in, being engaged, and being open to receive great stuff.” 

Now let me ask – what are you doing to put yourself in an environment where you can get your “one good idea”? What groups are you part of? What events do you attend? Who do you get support from? How about those on your team? If you do not know with 100% certainty – think about how much it costs you? If you don’t know or don’t like the answers – find a Business Growth Consultant who can help.

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Mike Crandall lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is a Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Author focused on the Subconscious Psychology of Human Interaction and Motivation. His firm specializes in Elevating Leadership, Management, & Sales Performance for Proactive Business Growth. Mike is based in Oklahoma and serves Visionary Clients across the United States. He can be reached at (405) 844-1700.