By Mike Crandall
December 28, 2021

Six steps to get more out of 2022

Are you ready to make 2022 the best year ever, both professionally and personally? Follow these 6 steps.

Do you want more out of 2022 than what you got out of 2021, whether it’s more money, free time, respect, friends, etc.? If you are like over 90% of the population, you said you would achieve something in 2021 that you fell short on. Why do you think only 10% did not fall short? Because they have the desire and commitment and follow the 6 simple steps I outline in this column.

This time of year, my team and I are flooded with people asking us, “How can I make 2022 a better year than 2021,” or, “How can I make it my best year ever?” Why does this flood come toward the end and the beginning of each year? Because so many people realize they are either frustrated ending another year short of where they wanted, concerned about what the coming year may look like, or fed up with mediocrity from their teams or themselves.

Here are six simple steps you can learn, implement, and follow—if your desire and commitment level is strong enough—to get more out of 2022.

  1. Set some goals. This may sound easy; however, they must be written down and detailed. People with written goals are ten times more likely to obtain them. Your goals should encompass both professional and personal things. I frequently see more money, less work, better relationships, losing weight, etc. To ensure these set you up for success, they should be SMARTER: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound, Enjoyable, and Rewarding.
  2. Study. To grow, you need to study. Based on your goals from step one, find ways to study what you want. If you want to sell more, then study sales. If you want to have better relationships, then study relationships. How can you grow in any area if you don’t study what getting better at it means?
  3. Invest in yourself. Look at step one again and find areas you can invest in yourself to grow. If you want to become a better manager, find a workshop, book, or seminar to invest in. Do not wait for someone else (i.e., your employer) to invest! Do it yourself. True professionals invest in themselves and their own growth, not just the money but also the time and energy.
  4. Practice. This one often sounds odd to people. However, it can often be the most important. The single most significant difference between an amateur and a professional is practice. If you want to grow in your communications ability, find ways to practice. Whatever it is you want to improve (professional or personal), you can and should practice it.
  5. Learn and follow a system. Every respected professional follows a proven a system (or more than one of them). Look at your goals in step one and find ways to learn a system to help you grow in that area. Whether it is sales, management, leadership, or being a parent, following a proven system will help you grow!
  6. Accountability. Find someone to be your “accountability” partner. Tell them what your goals are, what you are doing in steps 2-5, and have them hold you accountable. One of the best ways to accomplish new things is having someone hold you accountable for what you are working toward.

Over 90% of you reading this can get more out of 2022 by learning, implementing, and following these six steps. They can ensure 2022 will be your best year ever, professionally and personally. You may be wondering about the other 10%. They already work with firms like ours to help them with these six steps while bringing desire and commitment. We can help with the rest.

Here is to getting more out of 2022 and to making it your best year ever!

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