By Mike Crandall
June 1, 2020

How to lead recovery

Every issue, challenge, crisis, or pandemic allows for visionary leaders to find ways to grow, improve and get better.

Clearly we are in a unique time. Although many of us have been through difficult times in business (9-11, the 2008 financial collapse, etc.) – none have been like this new COVID-19 world we live in. Although the time is difficult and a significant challenge on most levels, if we do the right things, in the right way and in the right order, we will be okay. And with the right desire and commitment , we can not only be okay, we can become better and stronger. 

Every issue, challenge, crisis, or (as this is called) pandemic allows for visionary leaders to find ways to grow, improve and get better. This obviously takes effort, energy, and adjustment. The most successful use the three steps below to make the most out of it and use the situation for positive!

1 – Goals

We need to set clear goals for three time frames. We need long-term goals (one-plus years); short-term goals (less than one year) and daily goals. Without goals we wander around aimlessly hoping things work out. The best way to start is to think about what you want your business to look like three months, six months, and 12 months from now. Then use that vision to build the three different time frames of goals.

2 – Plan

Once we have clear goals for the things we want to work on and accomplish, we can build a plan. The plan should be built in a way that we follow these three steps – build, track, and fine-tune. If we do not do all three, and in the correct order, we waste time, energy, and money. The plan needs to be specific and focused on how we will work toward achieving and accomplishing the goals from Step One.  

3 – Action

After the plan is built, we need to start our action. Sounds simple; however, it typically is not. We often set goals and build plans, then stop. Action is the hardest step for many people. It requires three things – discipline, vitality, and guts. Discipline allows us to start, Vitality ensures we keep going, and guts gets us through the hard parts (which there should be a bunch of). All goals worth pursing should have some difficulty and challenging things in them.

These three steps, and the core components of each, sound simple; however, they are not easy. Some steps will be more challenging than others for each person. And the difficult things will vary from person to person. You need to identify what parts will be the biggest challenge for you and ensure you get help with those. 

Likely, the most important aspect of this will be accountability. Without someone else (another person) holding you accountable – you will not succeed. Very few people can do all of this themselves. Ensure you get the help you need to maximize the chances of success and your ability to lead recovery. 

So, let me ask – how do you want your business, team, family, and yourself to come out of this crisis? Have you set the goals, built the plan, and started the action? If not, or you are not sure where or how to start, find a business growth consultant who can help.

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