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Tim is a public speaker, author, publisher of Edmond Business, and the owner of Backslash Creative. He helps businesses that are worried they don’t have the expertise or time required to invest in doing their own digital marketing. He helps them plan where and how much to invest and often helps execute the plan.

Tim started the Edmond Business online magazine in May 2020 to fill a need in the community when The Edmond Sun shut down and stopped publishing their monthly magazine, The Business Times.

The pros and cons of AI in marketing

By Tim Priebe | December 29, 2023

Over the last year, my team at Backslash Creative and I have jumped feet-first into the world of artificial intelligence—AI—and its application in marketing. This hands-on experience has given us a great understanding of AI’s impact when it comes to digital marketing.

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Professional Q&A: Paula Buford

By Tim Priebe | December 19, 2023

Paula Buford is the inside sales manager at Land Enterprises Roofing as the inside sales manager. She’s also an ambassador for the Edmond Chamber. She works tirelessly to ensure customers get everything they are entitled to from their insurance. Read on to learn about her unique journey.

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Young Professional Q&A: Daniel Holt

By Tim Priebe | November 30, 2023

Daniel Holt has a passion for helping people understand their bodies and impact their health in a profound way, leading him to pursue a career in medicine. As the newest member of the Spinal Care Associates team, he is able to bring mobility and pain relief to Edmondites. 

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Cybersecurity for small business websites

By Tim Priebe | November 30, 2023

While I’m not an IT expert, I have been working with website security for the past couple of decades. And there are definitely more cyber threats now than there were twenty years ago. If your website is important to you, then the cybersecurity of your website should be important to you.

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Professional Q&A: Reagan Hamlin

By Tim Priebe | November 16, 2023

Reagan Hamlin has spent the last 20 years working in the Edmond area. As the Executive Director of Free to Live Animal Sanctuary, Reagan takes her passion for animals to new heights and connects pets to their perfect forever families.

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Bluebird Books opens in downtown Edmond

By Tim Priebe | November 7, 2023

Bluebird Books held its grand opening on Saturday, October 28, bringing a new chapter of literary delight to the community. The event not only turned a page on the recent closing of a beloved local bookstore but also introduced a fresh space filled with books across genres, cozy reading areas, and sweet trinkets and gifts.

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Young Professional Q&A: Gina Arter

By Tim Priebe | October 31, 2023

As the Data Coordinator for the Edmond Economic Development Authority (EEDA), Gina Arter stands out as a dedicated young professional making waves in her community. Dive into our conversation to discover her roots, aspirations, and the passions that drive her both at work and in her personal life.

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SEO trends for 2024

By Tim Priebe | October 30, 2023

Keeping up with SEO is a challenging task. We are getting closer and closer to 2024, and the game has evolved.  Let’s look at the role AI will—or should—have in SEO, Core Web Vitals, and the continued importance of content quality and search intent. Then, I’ll share five actionable tips for SEO in 2024.

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Professional Q&A: Ashley Spence

By Tim Priebe | October 12, 2023

Ashley Spence, the Vice President at LilyPad, the provider of all-in-one childcare management software, shares her story and how it intersects with Edmond. From her early days as the Easter Bunny at Quail Springs Mall to a pivotal role at LilyPad, her journey reflects a blend of professional evolution and deep-rooted community ties. Discover Ashley’s unique trajectory, her love for Edmond’s communal spirit, and insightful tips for fellow professionals.

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EPSF announces the EDIEE Awards

By Tim Priebe | October 6, 2023

The intertwined growth of Edmond’s business landscape and its celebrated school system is no secret. Many families are drawn to Edmond because of its educational excellence, and this influx has a cascading effect on businesses.

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