By Tim Priebe
February 29, 2024

VIP welcomes new board member

Mike Sanders joins the board of Edmond-based Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma.

A local nonprofit, Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma, continues to advocate for road safety in Oklahoma. Recently, they welcomed Mike Sanders—the current Executive Director of the Oklahoma Broadband Office—to their board.

Mike Sanders’ background

“Director Sanders’ extensive background serving the people of Oklahoma, combined with his fervent commitment to combat impaired and distracted driving, positions him as an outstanding addition to the governance of our organization,” remarked Sean Rose, Executive Director of VIP.

Sanders’s legislative accomplishments, including his co-authorship of the Impaired Driving Elimination Act (IDEA) in 2016, underscore his dedication to this cause. His expertise and leadership are expected to further VIP’s mission to end the epidemic of impaired and distracted driving across Oklahoma.

Before his tenure in Oklahoma politics and his current role, Mike Sanders gained notable experience in the White House under President George W. Bush, where he held significant responsibilities. His roles within the executive branch provided him with a unique perspective on federal governance and policy implementation, particularly in areas of rural development and natural resource conservation.

Expressing his honor in joining VIP, Sanders emphasized his readiness to leverage his public service experience to support VIP’s initiatives. “Together, we will strive to make Oklahoma’s roads safer,” Sanders stated, highlighting his commitment to the organization’s goals.

About Victims Impact Panel of Oklahoma

Founded in 1989, VIP has been at the forefront of educating Oklahomans about the dangers of impaired driving. By partnering with offenders, community groups, and advocates, VIP has successfully campaigned for safer roads and provided support to those affected by the consequences of impaired driving. Their approach, focusing on education rather than isolation, has been pivotal in changing attitudes and behaviors toward driving under the influence.

VIP’s unique approach to combating impaired and distracted driving through impactful panels and educational programs has made a substantial difference in the state. With a success rate of over 90% in major counties, their efforts have not only led to legislative advancements but have also fostered a community committed to road safety.

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