By Tim Priebe
October 6, 2023

EPSF announces the EDIEE Awards

Edmond's education-business synergy takes center stage with the Edmond Public Schools Foundation's EDIEE Awards.
Deanna Boston, CEO of the EPS Foundation (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

The intertwined growth of Edmond’s business landscape and its celebrated school system is no secret. Many families are drawn to Edmond because of its educational excellence, and this influx has a cascading effect on businesses.

Jeff DeSpain, an EPS alumnus and Edmond Public Schools Foundation board member, summarizes this dynamic: “Our schools draw in residents, and as they come, so do businesses. This shared growth means everyone in Edmond, from homeowners to entrepreneurs, has a stake in the success of our schools.”

Strengthening the connection between education and business

EPSF’s newly launched EDIEE Awards for the 2023-2024 school year is a testament to this synergy. With categories focusing on Educators and Community, the awards aim to recognize the invaluable contributions from both spheres.

The Community section champions donors and volunteers, while the Educator category celebrates the trailblazing teachers making waves, especially in areas like English Language Arts and Math.

Business support is the backbone of the EDIEE Awards

Local businesses have always been pillars in Edmond’s quest for educational growth. Deanna Boston, CEO of the EPS Foundation, pinpoints this partnership: “Our business community is the heartbeat behind the EDIEE Awards. Their support for education translates into an investment in Edmond’s prosperous future.”

To further solidify this collaboration, the Foundation offers diverse sponsorship opportunities for the EDIEE Awards. These sponsorships symbolize a business’s dedication to Edmond’s continued ascent as a nexus of educational and commercial excellence.

Echoing this sentiment, Juie Woodard, another key figure from the EPS alumni circle, emphasizes, “Our schools play a pivotal role in shaping the community’s economic trajectory. It’s our mission at the Foundation to nurture and expand this relationship.”

As the Foundation stands on the cusp of its 40th anniversary, the introduction of the EDIEE Awards further underscores Edmond’s dedication to fostering a seamless blend of education and business.

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