By Michela Owen
October 6, 2023

Renewal Beauty is more than skin-deep

Behind the services they provide, Renewal Beauty has real challenges to overcome to serve its clients and grow the business.
Sarah Gibson, owner of Renewal Beauty in Edmond Sarah Gibson (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

For over a decade, Sarah Gibson with Renewal Beauty has been helping people look and feel their best by providing holistic beauty and self-care services. But behind the tranquility of the services she provides, there are very real business challenges she has had to overcome to be able to continue serving her clients. 

Seeing a need

A strategic pivot turned Gibson from a makeup artist to a holistic esthetician. She notes, “Part way through esthetics school…I realized how much I loved the other aspects of esthetics, especially brow shaping and facial treatments.” 

This inclination towards comprehensive wellness became the foundation of Renewal Beauty’s service offerings and market position.

Behind the curtain

While her clients can unwind as she works, Sarah has to remain focused on her business and goals. “I take appointments 3-4 days a week, but as most solo business owners know, you tend to work every day in some capacity or other,” Gibson shares. The perpetual behind-the-scenes endeavors that buoy the seamless operation of her business never stop

“It’s not all lavender and Enya!” says Gibson. While she went to school to learn the skills needed to do the actual work, there are things she has to figure out as a business owner that have nothing to do with skin, wellness, or beauty.


Gibson’s shift from “Sarah Ashley Aesthetics” to Renewal Beauty was more than a mere change of names; it was a move to help the business grow and represent the change in the philosophy behind the services. 

“I think it encompasses what my services are about,” she reflects. Her new logo incorporates the Ouroboros, symbolizing wholeness and renewal, subtly echoing the holistic, client-centered philosophy that now permeates the brand.


2020 marked a significant milestone with the launch of Renewal Beauty’s skincare line. Gibson emphasizes a return to simplicity in skincare philosophy: “We do not need 27 different steps to have healthy skin.” She carefully crafted this line to address age-related struggles. Every product is acne-safe, meaning there are no pore-clogging ingredients.

Gibson also is preparing to move to a larger, 3-room spa location this year, and also plans to bring on more partners in order to keep up with demand. 

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