By Michela Owen
October 6, 2023

Brotherly bonds bake the way

Edmond welcomes its first Donatos Pizza! It's not just about the pizza; it's about community, legacy, and a whole lot of entrepreneurial spirit.
Brothers Matt and Will McLain brought Donatos to Edmond. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

It’s not every day that a renowned franchise, like the Ohio-based Donatos Pizza, makes its way to Edmond. The city’s culinary scene recently received a boost with the introduction of the famed Edge to Edge® pizza toppings, thanks to brothers Matt and Will McLain.

A family affair in the food industry

The McLain brothers, proud residents of Edmond, didn’t stumble upon Donatos by chance. Their connection to the franchise is nurtured by long-time family friend and co-franchise partner Pattye Moore. Recounting her initial encounter with Donatos, Moore shares, “I first got acquainted with Donatos while at Red Robin, during a partnership development.”

The McLain family isn’t new to the food business. Their father, Scott McLain, once held the esteemed title of Sonic Drive-In President. Adding to this rich legacy is the previously mentioned family friend and co-franchise owner Moore, who brings in her expertise from her tenure as the Sonic Drive-In President and a former Board Chairman at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.

More than just pizza: community and connection

Situated at 1148 S. Bryant Ave, Donatos isn’t just another restaurant on the block. It represents local entrepreneurial vigor and a commitment to the community. The McLain brothers envision their Donatos outlet as more than a business venture. To them, it’s a medium to engage and contribute to the community they cherish.

Both Edmond Public Schools alumni, the McLains have a soft spot for local academic and athletic initiatives. “We aim to weave ourselves into the community fabric,” articulates Will McLain, Franchise Partner. “Our childhood is peppered with memories of playing baseball on the fields adjacent to our outlet and splashing around in the nearby pools. We’re not just here to serve pizza; we’re here to serve the community.”

The dawn of a pizza empire?

The inaugural Donatos in Edmond might be the precursor to an expansive pizza empire in Oklahoma. With visions of branching out into the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas, the McLains and Moore are set on a path that promises culinary delights and community engagement in equal measure.

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