By Michela Owen
July 25, 2023

A journey of sweet revival

Ada Candy Company has a great presence in Edmond and an eye toward the future.
Ada Candy Company owners Aaron Tracy, Miranda Tracy with Randy Johnson (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Ada Candy Company, originally founded in 1933 by Hugh Johnson and his brother in Ada, Oklahoma, has emerged as a beloved local business under the passionate stewardship of Miranda Tracy and Aaron Tracy. After a temporary closure in 2007, Miranda and Aaron decided to breathe new life into the family candy-making legacy, reestablishing the company in 2021 and captivating the community once again. Miranda’s father, Randy Johnson, rounds out the team.

Candy-making history

Miranda Tracy, Hugh Johnson’s granddaughter, grew up immersed in the enchanting world of candy-making in Ada. Her childhood experiences sparked a deep connection to the craft, which later inspired her to resurrect the family business.

“I grew up in the candy company as a kid in Ada,” Miranda shared. “A couple of years ago, we decided to start making the candy again and bring it back from the ground up.”

With the unwavering support of her husband, Aaron Tracy, they embarked on a journey to reintroduce Ada Candy Company’s delectable treats to the world.

Since its reopening, the community of Ada has welcomed the return of Ada Candy Company with open arms. Old clients eagerly reconnected, placing orders online and relishing in the nostalgic flavors that had once delighted their taste buds. Partnering with a local candy shop in Ada, Miranda and Aaron ensured that their mouthwatering creations were easily accessible to the residents.

Reaching beyond Ada

Randy Johnson making brittle in their kitchen in Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

However, Ada Candy Company’s reach extends beyond Ada itself. “I have been living in Edmond for about eight years,” Miranda shared.

So it makes sense that the company showcases its confectioneries at the renowned Edmond Farmer’s Market, where visitors can indulge in a delightful array of treats. The Conscious Community co-op also offers a taste of Ada Candy Company’s tempting offerings, further expanding its presence.

Their best outlet? Miranda said, “For sales, the Edmond Farmer’s Market by far. Every weekend we’re there. Eight to one every Saturday, then all throughout the winter market as well.”

Crafting these exquisite candies is no easy task. Miranda emphasizes that candy-making is an art that demands precision and attention to detail. Each ingredient, temperature, and quantity must be meticulously controlled to achieve the perfect balance of flavors and textures. The Tracys’ commitment to maintaining the highest standards ensures that every piece of candy delights the senses.

Additional offerings

In addition to their traditional candy line, Ada Candy Company has ventured into the realm of Scissortail Snacks. This delectable spin-off offers a variety of butter and nut-based snacks, providing a savory alternative to the sweetness of their candies.

The expansion into Scissortail Snacks not only allows them to diversify their product range but also showcases their commitment to innovation and culinary excellence.

Looking to the future

Looking ahead, Miranda and Aaron envision owning their own storefront, transforming it into an enchanting destination where visitors can witness the candy-making process firsthand. With expanded facilities and equipment, they hope to reintroduce cherished family recipes, such as homemade peppermint sticks, ribbon candy, and the beloved chicken bones candy. They aspire to create an immersive experience reminiscent of Miranda’s childhood, and share their passion for candy-making with the world.

The reopening of Ada Candy Company has not only revived a cherished local tradition but also brought the community together, fostering a shared love for quality confections. Through their dedication, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to preserving tradition, Miranda and Aaron Tracy are ensuring that Ada Candy Company’s legacy continues to sweeten lives, one treat at a time.

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