By Mike Crandall
January 25, 2022

Growth strategy to succeed in 2022

Five questions to get clarity and find purpose behind your new year goals

As the calendar turns to a new year, there is always much discussion about making the new year better than the prior year. We tend to do this in all areas of life – personal and professional. Often it leads to conversation and/or work around goals, plans, New Year’s Resolutions, etc. 

These thoughts are always helpful but frequently lead to ideas that never happen. All too often people come up with things they want to do and accomplish while missing the things they need to truly drive success forward. 

A great way to maximize the potential of success this year is to use the five-step growth strategy process below. It reduces the possibility of wasted time, energy, and money while identifying goals to focus on and defining a direction to move forward. 

This will seem like a simple exercise; however, it is not an easy one for most people. It requires us to answer questions about what we often miss and allows us to gain clarity on goals to work toward in the future. 

Five Steps (Questions) To Build an Awesome Growth Strategy:

  1. What do we want?
  2. How much?
  3. From where?
  4. By when?
  5. Why?

Again, they seem like simple questions, but we need to fully answer each in the order they are laid out. 

Let’s use an example. It is simple to say you want more sales, donations, members, etc. As we get to question two, it requires us to become more specific. Then question three requires us to greatly focus, and question four becomes even more challenging as we have to put deadlines and timelines on what we are doing. Finally, question five forces us to ensure we are working on the things that matter for our business or our life. 

A true growth strategy is not the typical goal of growing sales or even growing sales by 20%. It sounds like this: In 2022 we will grow sales by 20% by focusing on more business with existing clients and by opening up a new office in XYZ city. Each of these two objectives will increase overall business by 10%, giving us a total collective 20% business growth increase by the end of the year. This will allow us to fund pay raises and profit-sharing bonuses for each employee. This example answers all five questions in order.

Businesses and individuals who truly build a growth strategy this way will always outperform those who do not. 

So now let me ask, how is your growth strategy for 2022? Can you answer all of the five questions above? Can your team answer them? Are your answers the same? If you don’t know or are struggling – find a Business Growth Consultant who can help. 

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