By Tim Priebe
October 27, 2020

Should your organization be on Instagram?

Four elements factor into your organization’s Point of Optimization on Instagram.

Instagram can be a great social media platform for many organizations. It can help you build an engaged audience online, but it’s not an excellent fit for everyone. If you’ve ever considered investing time, money, or other resources in Instagram but weren’t sure if it was a good idea, you’re not alone!

Over the years, I’ve talked to many people in both the for-profit and nonprofit world who heard of others seeing success on Instagram but didn’t know if it was a good fit for them. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone!

In my book Online Marketing Mindshift, I encourage people to think about their Point of Optimization. In other words, what will they have to invest in getting the most out of Instagram, and is it even worth it for them? Just because another organization is getting a lot out of Instagram doesn’t mean it’s worth it for you, even if they’re in the same industry.

Four elements factor into your organization’s Point of Optimization. Let’s look at each of them as they pertain to Instagram.

Element 1 – Audience

How well does the audience of Instagram match your target audience? As of July 2020, 13.9% of active Instagram users were female and between 18 and 24. Approximately 70% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. As far as genders go, Instagram is relatively evenly split.

Element 2 – Capabilities

How well do the capabilities of Instagram match your organization’s needs? Instagram is a highly visual platform, with everything revolving around photos or images. Is your organization a natural fit for good photography? Is the service or product you sell highly visual and attractive? Do you interact with a lot of people who are willing to be photographed? If so, then Instagram may be worth considering.

Element 3 – Culture Fit

How closely does Instagram’s culture match your own company culture? Instagram is relatively informal. Of course, the culture you experience will vary based on the following you build on the platform. Be aware that many active, engaged Instagram users are passionate about the topics they follow on the platform. If you’re passionate as well, you’re more likely to connect with others and build an engaged following.

Element 4 – Comfort Level

How comfortable are you personally using Instagram? Or if someone else will be handling it for you, how comfortable are they? All things being equal, your comfort level on any platform or with any tool will significantly affect how much you get out of it. The more comfortable you are on Instagram, the more you’ll get out of it for your organization. If it’s an uphill battle the entire way, you may want to consider a different social media platform.

Remember, consider all four elements to make an educated decision on what your Point of Optimization is likely to be and whether or not Instagram will be a good fit for your organization.

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