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Material World

By Phil Klutts | May 16, 2024

Material World won’t catch your eye as a business book, but that’s one of the reasons why I want to share it with you. This book made it to my hands as a vacation read—not a work-related book but one that would still engage my mind. Despite my intention to escape, I continued to find business frameworks and relevant tidbits as I read through Spring Break. 

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Clear Thinking

By Phil Klutts | February 29, 2024

Shane Parrish spent his early career as a cybersecurity expert for the Canadian government in what he calls a “three letter agency” during a time of increased pressure and demanding workload due to growing hacking threats. He started an anonymous website and blog focused on self-improvement and better decision-making based on his own learning and desire to improve.

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Impactful business books, part 3

By Phil Klutts | January 23, 2024

This is the third and final installment of a roundup of books that have most impacted my career. If you talk business or leadership with me for very long, you won’t be surprised to find a book from Patrick Lencioni on the list. I did have to decide which Lencioni book to put on the list because I didn’t feel right listing more than one here! 

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Impactful business books, part 2

By Phil Klutts | December 19, 2023

This second installment of books that have impacted my career takes a bit of a practical bent. These books have helped me structure my work and execute on specific tasks better for the past few years. From negotiating deals to structuring teams and coaching leaders, the words I use and the things I write are often influenced by these four books. Be sure to check out the Part One of this series.

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Impactful business books

By Phil Klutts | November 16, 2023

I picked up almost every book I own last weekend. My wife and I burdened ourselves with preparing our house for new carpet, which is a good thing but took some time and effort. This meant every book had to be moved off the bookshelves so we could clear out our bedrooms and office for the refresh. We didn’t count the books, but the sack of boxes in the garage is impressive! 

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“Good Power” by Ginny Rometty

By Phil Klutts | October 12, 2023

Sometimes you pick up a book by happen-stance and it ends up resonating so well that you read it twice. “Good Power” by Ginny Rometty might be my pick for my favorite book this year. It is practical, applicable, enjoyable, and relevant to business in 2023. The subtitle is “Leading positive change in our lives, work, and world.”

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“Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy

By Phil Klutts | September 12, 2023

“Confessions of an Advertising Man” by David Ogilvy is a fantastic book that extends far beyond the realm of advertising, making it a beneficial read for business professionals from all walks of life. While its title might suggest a niche audience, its contents are brimming with wisdom that transcends advertising industry boundaries, offering invaluable insights for those engaged in sales, communication, management, or anyone striving to refine their efficacy in conveying ideas.

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Practical strategies for work relationships

By Phil Klutts | August 15, 2023

So many aspects of our working lives revolve around the people in our organizations: coworkers, bosses, subordinates, clients, etc. Yet many of us don’t put strategic effort into making them better. In his book, “How to Work With (Almost) Anyone,” Michael Bungay Stanier gives us a framework and tactics to improve our working relationships. He brings forward five questions to complete a “Keystone Conversation” that will lead to what he calls the “Best Possible Relationship.”

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The evolving business world

By Phil Klutts | July 11, 2023

The business world is changing. In reality, the landscape in which we operate is always changing. Right now, however, seems to be an inflection point with massive changes in both the macro and micro scales of business. Murray writes that we could be looking at the “first major change in corporate ideology since at least the 1970s.”

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Empowering workplaces

By Phil Klutts | June 13, 2023

t usually pick up books with curse words in the title, but Kim Scott has proven herself with effective strategies for leading and managing in her preceding work called Radical Candor. I often find myself discussing feedback with other leaders and going back to the strategies in Radical Candor during those discussions.

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