By Michela Owen
November 7, 2023

Transforming lives and bodies worldwide

Candace Williams transformed her life and is making an impact on the local community and the broader fitness industry through Sling Bungee Fitness.
Candace Williams, owner of Sling Bungee Fitness in Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Sling Bungee Fitness, a cutting-edge fitness studio nestled in Edmond, is spearheading a fitness revolution under the expert guidance of local Candace Williams. As an entrepreneur and fitness aficionado, Williams has transformed her life. She has left a lasting impact on the local community and the broader fitness industry through her various fitness enterprises.

How it all started

Nearly a decade ago, the athletic Williams suffered from an illness that rocked her world. “One day, I was fine; the next, I was practically immobile,” explained Williams. “My energy levels were so low and pain so intense I wasn’t even capable of driving myself to the grocery store, let alone take care of two small children.”

Working with a dedicated care team and with the support of her family, she regained much function, but high-impact workouts were discouraged. 

She stumbled across a viral bungee fitness video and instantly wanted to try it. “My husband bought me some resistant bands, a suitable harness, we hung it up in my garage, and for the first time in months, I could do mobility movements, which eventually led to cardio movements that eventually lead to flying plyometrics,” said Williams. 

But, this workout wasn’t readily available for others. “I wanted to develop and create something that was more novelty and make it a bit more practical. I wanted to combine the basics of cardio and combine that with easy-to-learn footwork to achieve flying plyometrics that gets results.”

When Williams opened the doors and started serving her clients, they began to see results. “Since opening, we have seen countless clients lose upwards of 30-60lbs, but more that we see clients who are consistent because they are having so much fun,” said Williams.

But there was a more significant impact than the physical. “We have had many clients talk about not just the physical changes in their bodies but the benefits Sling Bungee has had on their mental health. After COVID, I felt like connectivity and community suffered the most. I truly believe everyone benefits from fitness, but more benefit from fitness with community.”

Challenges with equipment and mentorship 

Because Williams was innovating, she had to overcome challenges facing the industry by herself. “After two months of opening, the professional Bungee Fitness equipment that we purchased completely failed. The bungee cords kept breaking, and the harnesses’ straps and buckles kept coming open,” said Williams. 

But she couldn’t give up. “After almost complete equipment failure, I went with another bungee fitness company’s equipment, and within four months, we had the same issues. After spending about $80,000 in equipment in the first six months of opening, we realized we needed to create and develop something that was more sustainable.”

In addition, Williams took on becoming a mentor to others trying to bring bungee fitness to their communities, which came with its own challenges. “When you train 300 studios, those 300 studios have a lot of questions,” said Williams. “Trying to be fully present at the studio and fully present for other studios is a balancing act. I tried to be several places at one time. I also want to run a successful business, but being present as a mom and wife is also very important to me.” 

Williams realizes this is a difficult challenge, but she understands it’s for a greater purpose. “Pioneering something isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it!” 

More than a fitness studio 

Williams eventually realized that if she wanted better equipment, she would have to create it. They had to start from scratch. “We developed our equipment around Bungee Fitness, and that is why it works,” said Williams. “The rubber inside of our bungee cords is specifically manufactured for longevity and lasts 4X longer than other cords.”

And when other studios began reaching out to Williams for mentorship, she didn’t shy away from that challenge. “They noticed we could do unique flies that they were not able to do. Our equipment was more sought after because other studios popping were experiencing the same issues we were.”

Because she had such a passion for practice and wanted others to experience the joy it brought her, she continued to grow that side of her business as well. “We wanted to see Bungee Fitness become a success, and that is why we started a training and certification program along with selling our equipment. We wanted studios to start with success and not end up where we had been.”

Williams’ background as a high-level gymnast and cheerleader played a pivotal role in shaping her approach to fitness and business. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her continual pursuit of education and certifications, striving to keep Sling Bungee at the forefront of the fitness industry. This dedication extends to her staff and the space she owns, All Fit Collective, ensuring they offer a diverse range of top-notch fitness classes to the community.

Expanding Sling Bungee Fitness

Williams has big plans for Sling Bungee Fitness going forward. “With our online program, we believe that we can expand to several countries.” Said Williams. “With over 100 people on our waitlist, we are ready for that growth and expansion. My next goal is to grow bigger internationally with established training hubs for future trainees to have easier access to.” 

She has plans to launch a sister company in 2024 to give those looking for quality equipment for their home an affordable and safe option. 

More importantly, she plans to keep investing in herself and growing the industry. “I am incredibly blessed to be stewarding and pioneering something new to the fitness community, and I do not take that responsibility lightly.”

For the Edmond business community and locals looking for a unique and effective workout, Sling Bungee Fitness is there to help you learn to fly. 

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