By Phil Klutts
February 7, 2023

KickingBird Golf Club delayed

The multimillion-dollar project faces an irrigation setback.
The KickingBird Golf Club's renovation began in honor of its 50th anniversary and is expected to be completed later this year. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

For those waiting to hit the green at the newly renovated KickingBird Golf Club, tee time may come later than planned. 

According to Brian Soerensen, Edmond’s director of golf, the project likely won’t be ready in time for its original anticipated opening date in March 2023. Speaking at a recent Edmond City Council meeting, Sorenson presented a proposal for additional funding to install a new booster pump station.

In addition to supporting the irrigation of the grounds—vital for turf growth and maintenance—the station will facilitate fire suppression.

“In consultation with our mechanical consultant, our fire suppression contractor, and others, it was determined there was not enough pressure to run all systems, and there was going to be a need for a booster pump station. And that was identified to be the best possible solution for where we were at that time,” Soerensen said. “This will be necessary for us to get our occupancy permit, get open, and get going.”

Renovating for future goals

In 2021, KickingBird Golf Club celebrated its 50th anniversary and embarked on a multimillion-dollar renovation to shape the club’s success for the next 50 years. 

“This project will have an Edmond community focus and is the largest capital improvement project in the course’s history,” Soerensen said at the renovation’s start.

And those improvements are extensive. So expansive the project began with the complete demolition of the previous clubhouse, with a new, 13,384-square-foot clubhouse taking its place. The grounds will also now include a tournament and banquet hall, coming in at just over 6,600 square feet.

The renovation included the complete demolition of the old clubhouse and the construction of a new one in its place. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Tentative plans for the club’s restaurant center around The Mule, LLC. Soerensen mentioned they’re “very close to having an official agreement” with the concept’s name and menu items still to be determined. 

However, the most important changes center around the course. These include the expansion of the driving range tee area; the rebuilding and reseeding of all 18 holes; the redesign of the fourth and ninth holes; and small improvements to tee boxes and bunkers.

The facility hopes to draw in an economic powerhouse: a PGA Tour Champions event. And the project has already garnered buzz from the community, with many looking to schedule events at the club. 

Extending the budget

The renovation’s budget started at more than $18 million—roughly $13.5 million for clubhouse construction and just shy of $5 million for improvements to the course’s greens and irrigation system. 

Now, however, with the added need for a new pump station, costs are expected to approach $20 million at the project’s completion. Edmond City Council approved Soerensen’s proposal, and a new opening date hinges on the station’s installation. 

“We must make sure that the date we put out in public is firm and confirmed,” Soerensen said. “And once we do have a firm date, we will be making a public announcement at that time.”

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