By Phil Klutts
August 16, 2022

Serving students with personalized education

At Revise Collective, Oklahoma teacher Trista Boehmisch provides an inclusive and custom education experience for local students.
Owner Trista Boehmisch works with a student at Revise Collective. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Revise Collective is a learning studio in Edmond with three primary services for families: a full-day, private and secular school called Academy; a part-time Study Lounge to support virtual, homeschool, and traditional school studies; and an after-school STEAM enrichment program and tutoring lounge for sixth grade and above. 

Programs and services

Revise Collective Owner Trista Boehmisch is an M.Ed. certified Oklahoma teacher with 15 years of experience in Pre-K through 12 traditional and virtual public school instruction. 

“Our learning programs reflect the experience and knowledge I’ve gained over the years in order to create a safe, inclusive, curious, and kinesthetic-based learning atmosphere for our families,” said Boehmisch. “We customize learning experiences to support our community of learners, so we are not a script or box. Tell us what your family needs, and we’ll adapt to help.” 

Whether it’s tutoring, accountability, supervision, or individual learning challenges, Revise Collective provides customized programming to fit each and every student. 

“I’ve heard most from customers, ‘I wish I had known you were here sooner!’ Which I think is a testament to my newness and the unique model of my business concept overall,” said Boehmisch. “Our game plan is a partnership to meet families where they are in their lifestyles and schedules—we adapt to the needs of our families.”

Some of the benefits include individual lesson plans, flexible schedules, and a safe environment to keep them engaged even beyond school hours. 

Mission and vision 

Her background in public education influenced Boehmisch’s vision for Revise. She has taught and mentored a diverse range of students with different learning abilities, social abilities, socioeconomic statuses, cultural beliefs, and more. 

“They have all helped me learn the common thread between them: everyone wants a safe space to feel free to be themselves and learn in peace at the pace that meets their individual needs. Our kids deserve that,” said Boehmisch. “I love traditional school concepts for many reasons, but I feel they fall short in meeting this need for everyone.” 

She wanted to create a modern space, more than cinderblock classroom walls and raising your hand to go to the restroom. Her goal was to create something safe, familiar, structured, caring, and knowledgeable in meeting kids where they’re at. 

“I also knew this studio needed to be savvy in virtual learning processes. That’s just not going away for our kids, so they need to learn how to do school this way,” said Boehmisch. “It just so happens that the launch of Revise was February 2020, just in time for COVID-19 shutdowns.”

Despite the challenges the pandemic brought, Revise was positioned at launch to help families through the chaos and uncertain times. The flexibility and custom learning approach provided additional avenues for Edmond students and families during constantly changing school policies, procedures, and adaptations.

Trista Boehmisch is the owner of Revise Collective with a Masters in Education and more than 15 years of classroom experience. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

As things are now settling, Boehmisch is continuing to solidify programs at the studio and make adjustments to existing classes. After its second year, Revise Collective is narrowing its focus to cultivate the existing programs more fully. 

“I may not host adult creativity classes this school year, so I can rest better and be more present to expand my daytime services into a full-time school,” said Boehmisch. “I’m stoked to evolve into the full-time option for families! Our full-time, private, secular school program launching in fall 2022 is called RC Academy.” 

Purpose and passion

As the organization continues to expand, so does the community of families and the environment of growth and learning. 

“I love my studio atmosphere and relationships with students and families,” said Boehmisch. “I get to see them evolve and learn, more so than when I taught revolving 50-minute class periods.”

Much of Boehmisch’s passion comes from her family, including her daughter, who is starting sixth grade in the fall. 

“I always consider what would be good enough for her. Does what I’m doing match the standards and expectations I want for my child? Everything I do needs to be good enough that I’d want it for her,” said Boehmisch.  

She also leans on how she was raised and her roots—small town and hard work. 

“My mom always told me that if I’m capable of something, it’s my responsibility to use that to help others,” said Boehmisch. “My grandma always taught me that leadership is to meet people where they’re at, seek their strengths, and provide support with empathy and kindness.”

Beyond serving its own students and families, Revise Collective also supports public school teachers and faculties through nonprofit organizations like S4C Edmond. The nonprofit provides assistance to frontline individuals by relieving financial overwhelm. 

Boehmisch’s ultimate goal is to pursue creativity and focus on goal-setting to be more grounded, more at peace, and more present personally and professionally. 

“I count that as success—showing up wholeheartedly for my own family and for my students. That’s the best way I can support them and help them attain their personal measures of success,” said Boehmisch. “Helping others be successful feels like success to me.”

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