By Jackie Bell
January 4, 2022

Sandler Training offers yearly scholarships

Each year, an Edmond resident's business offers two scholarships valued at a total of over $90,000.
Mike Crandall and the 2022 Sandler scholarship recipients, Cali Crissup, Lisa Clark, and Kaylene Balzer (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Many small businesses make an effort to give back to the community, but not many offer over $90,000 in scholarships each year.

Sandler Training of Oklahoma specializes in sales, management, and leadership development. Owner Mike Crandall has been an Edmond resident for many years. Each year, the Sandler team offers two scholarships: the Brian Land Memorial Young Professional Scholarship and Sandler Training Non-Profit Scholarship. 

Both scholarships offer access to training classes, leadership programs, professional consulting, digital resources, learning materials, and more.

The origins of the scholarships

The nonprofit scholarship started because the Sandler team often ran into nonprofits who mentioned they would love to attend Sandler Training. What better way to help nonprofit organizations succeed than to offer them a scholarship that provides professional training and consulting?

The nonprofit scholarship had been in place for nearly a decade when the Sandler team added the young professional scholarship. In March of 2019, Brian Land—a long-time Sandler client and Edmond resident—passed away. Brian was a Sandler client for about ten years, and he was also the founder of Land Enterprises Roofing, an organization we’ve featured previously.

“He was a significant asset and left a void after passing,” shared Sandler Training of Oklahoma principal Mike Crandall. 

According to Mike, Brian had a soft spot for guiding and teaching professionals, which encouraged the Sandler team to create a scholarship for young professionals in Brian’s name.

For each scholarship, the Sandler team goes through a series of applications, phone screens, and interviews. Nearing the end of the decision, they have to narrow it down to just a few applicants who will make it to a final face-to-face interview. 

According to Crandall, “The selection process and criteria are very hard to narrow down, and we are often surprised by who and how many people apply. Selection is based on a mission we can support, who has a need that Sandler can help them with, who is going to take it seriously, and who we can help make the greatest impact.”

The 2022 winners

Mike Crandall and the 2022 Nonprofit Sandler scholarship recipients, Kaylene Balzer and Lisa Clark (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Beautiful Restoration, an Edmond-based nonprofit we have featured previously, is the latest winner of the nonprofit scholarship.

What originally started as a Bible study for one broken woman has now turned into a successful nonprofit organization led by Kaylene Balzer, her husband Bryan, and her best friend, Lisa Clark. Their mission is restoring broken people, whether it be from drug abuse, divorce, abandonment, etc.

Kaylene heard about the scholarship through a friend, David Curran—one of the Sandler instructors—and was invited to sit in on a free class, eventually leading her to apply for the scholarship.

“This journey we have been on has been an unexpected one; Lisa and I never dreamed when this started that we would now have this amazing ministry to thousands of women. Because we didn’t really ‘plan’ for this success and the program, we feel confident there are many things that we still need to learn, many techniques and systems that will be so helpful to be better equipped to help even more people and to manage what we do have. “

Kaylene also shared that the trio feels lots of growth approaching and that this program will help them be better prepared.

Mike Crandall with Sandler Training of Oklahoma and Cali Crissup (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

For the Brian Land Memorial Young Professional Scholarship, the latest winner is Cali Crissup. Cali currently runs two organizations: Auctioneers Association Management for seven different states (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, North Carolina, and Kentucky) and Social 174, a charcuterie company in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

When Mike Crandall was asked what stood out about Cali, he said, “Cali’s mission is important, and she is really visionary, has great potential, and is committed to a greater level of success.”

Cali is excited to start her Sandler journey. She shared, “My hope is that through Sandler Training, I will become a better leader, mentor, and business owner and that I will grow personally and professionally. Both of my companies have room for growth, and it is my goal to continue to move forward with the guidance of the Sandler team.”

Mike Crandall has high hopes for the two scholarship winners, and he is excited to see how much they learn and grow. “The best part by far is when the winner is actually in the program, having and sharing their success stories.”

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