By Tim Priebe
November 16, 2021

Beautiful Restoration heals broken women

Broken women across Oklahoma and ten other states can heal and overcome their traumatic past through Beautiful Restoration.

On June 5, 2015, eight ladies gathered in the home of Kaylene Blazer. The goal? To help one homeless woman and her five friends overcome the effects of the sex industry, drug and alcohol abuse, human trafficking, crime, and homelessness.

Kaylene Blazer co-led the group through a personal, loving, faith-based healing Bible study. In the years since, the ministry healed women, who then reached out to other women who have experienced healing. The efforts turned into the nonprofit ministry known as Beautiful Restoration.

Kaylene has spearheaded the efforts over the years, along with her husband, Bryan Balzer, and her best friend, Lisa Clark. Kaylene shared, “What started as a Bible Study to help one broken lady is now far-reaching, grass-root level, relational restoration. Nothing clinical or contrived, but personal, one-on-one, loving, faith-based coming alongside, and done in a home setting.”

To some, “nothing clinical” may raise some concerns. However, Beautiful Restoration works with many other organizations to ensure women get the help they need. “We partner with a great many counseling agencies, churches, and faith-based nonprofits similar as ours,” Kaylene explained. “We encourage them, allow them to use our meeting facilities and any of our teaching materials, meet with them one-on-one to see how we can help or they can help us, allow them to bring their constituents to our meetings, and do all we can do to be a blessing to them.”

Kaylene Balzer in the Beautiful Restoration property in Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

However, Kaylene attributes the success of the organization to God. She said, “What would take someone years to overcome through normal channels of counseling and help, can be changed in an instant through the power of God. Not that we do not respect and encourage ‘normal channels,’ but we do love those miracle stories as well, and we pray and hope for that each time.”

As you might imagine, there are many stories of how Beautiful Restoration has helped women in the years since it was founded. Kaylene shared that one woman had experienced parental abuse and neglect in her early years, experience healing, and ended up bringing her family as well.

“[She] brought her husband was healed of PSTD as a fireman,” Kaylene shared, “brought her four children. One who has now been called to be a medical missionary, one who at age 16 is leading a group of our younger girls to know their Christ identity and calling.”

In fact, through that woman alone, more than thirty people total have been touched and experienced healing from Beautiful Restoration.

The organization has grown to more than 1,000 in membership, and more than thirty subgroups cross Oklahoma and ten other states. They also acquired a property in Edmond that they can utilize and offer tours of the property to the public.

While their organization is faith-based, Kaylene stresses that everyone is welcome. She said, “Anyone…can attend for healing in any stage of brokenness. Everyone needs a tribe that loves and knows them, and we have one.”

It’s that very support that Kaylene gives credit for her own success, both with Beautiful Restoration and in life in general. She shared, “[It’s important to me to have] a supportive family, friends, community, and church that know my integrity and know and encourage our strong desire to help those who are willing to give God a chance and then to teach them all we know to get restored!”

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