By Sarah Dickson
October 5, 2021

Data tracked by EEDA

The EEDA constantly works to provide data. Here are just some of the types of data they track.

The Edmond Economic Development Authority tracks a variety of data, including sales tax collections, permits, and demographics.

Sales tax collections are broken down by North American Classification System codes. Tracking NAICS codes allow the EEDA to see patterns in how people are spending. For instance, spending habits have changed throughout the pandemic. NAICS 445: Grocery & Liquor Stores saw record-breaking collections in 2020, but in 2021, those collections are leveling back down to more average numbers. These collections can also show the effect of new-to-market stores, especially in categories that previously saw high levels of leakage outside of city limits or low overall collections. NAICS reports are available in a variety of formats that offer detailed information on Edmond sales tax collections.

The EEDA has tracked commercial permits for approximately 20 years. The City of Edmond releases a building permit report each month that includes new commercial permits, commercial alterations, and commercial additions. The City’s report also includes residential permits, storm shelter permits, and swimming pool permits (a favorite stat to watch for EEDA Executive Director Janet Yowell). From the city’s report and other information sources, the EEDA compiles commercial and residential real estate reports that track the amount of development in the city. The EEDA also compiles a permit report that provides more detail on each commercial permit. Permit information is some of the most requested information because it allows residents to learn about new developments in Edmond.

Demographic reports are another beneficial resource offered by the EEDA. These demographic reports cover baseline information like population, households, median age, average household income, and educational attainment. Reports that provide more detailed information are also available. Have you ever wondered how many people in Edmond went to a McDonald’s in the last six months? Of Edmond’s 93,697 residents, 37,146 people visited a McDonald’s in the last six months. That’s 50.9 percent of Edmond residents. These demographic reports allow new and existing businesses to better understand the Edmond market.

The above information and much more helps to paint Edmond’s economic picture. The EEDA is constantly working to provide useful and relevant data that helps residents and businesses make informed location decisions.

For any specific information requests, contact the EEDA.

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About Sarah Dickson

Sarah Dickson is the communications director for the Edmond Economic Development Authority (EEDA). Sarah has been with the EEDA more than 10 years, serving in multiple communications roles. She is responsible for producing demographic, workforce, economic, and statistical reports as well as managing all communications for the organization.

Sarah is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute (OU/EDI) and Leadership Edmond Class XXV. Sarah serves on the boards for the Public Relations Society of America – Oklahoma City Chapter and the Oklahoma Council on Economic Education. She is also an active member of the Oklahoma Venture Forum.

Sarah has earned her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) as well as the designation of Certified Economic Developer (CEcD).