By Phil Klutts
November 3, 2020

The business of Christmas lights

Luckily for Edmond residents, a host of companies accept the risks that come with hanging Christmas lights.

Hanging Christmas lights is a chore for many residents and businesses. Most people don’t hang off roofs or climb ladders for fun. Luckily for Edmond residents, a host of companies accept the risks that come with heights, electricity, and Oklahoma weather to spread holiday joy.

Crews began hanging Christmas lights on commercial buildings in the middle of September. Some would think that’s too early, but it takes time to get so many installations completed in time for the short holiday season. One company said they “do hundreds of installs each year.” Starting installations early and then going back to turn them on later allows their crews to utilize better weather and get more done.

Christmas lights being installed by Christmas Lights Spirit (Photo provided)

Most Christmas light installers offer the service as an add-on to their primary business. Landscaping and Roofing are the most prevalent companies offering lighting services. Brady Wood of Woodlawn Services started his landscaping company three years ago and started hanging lights last year. “It’s a simple service to provide to my customers,” he says. Wood likes work that they can complete in a day, and most jobs fit those criteria. Woodlawn Services will complete about 30 Christmas light installations this year and expects to grow in the future.

Another installer, Dennis Qualls with Christmas Lights Spirit, completes over 80 installations per year in addition to his full-time role as a Grounds Manager. He enjoys the work and the extra income for him and his crew. “I have fun doing it,” Qualls says. He has been installing for over eight years and always finds it satisfying to see customers’ reactions and how happy they are about their lights.

Crew installing Christmas lights (Photo provided)

Spreading joy and the Christmas Spirit was a theme for all the installers. “People don’t get excited about mowing,” says Wood, “but kids think lights are the coolest thing.” Christmas lights also spread joy with neighbors and the community. Driving through neighborhoods and enjoying different displays is a favorite past-time for many families.

Some customers requested earlier installs in 2020 to start spreading cheer as soon as possible. This year has brought extra stress and unknowns for many. Sharing Christmas joy early is a bright spot that spreads hope and joy to others. For the Christmas Light Pros of OKC, the work means a bit more than just holiday spirit. “We are a family-owned and family-run business,” says owner Jacob Masters, “we have a strong faith and Christmas lights help share that Jesus is the light of the world.”

Hiring an installer to hang Christmas lights means homeowners can enjoy the benefits of an elaborate Christmas light display without all the hassle involved. Benefits extend into the New Year for customers as well. Taking down and storing lights is as much of a burden as putting them up. Installers return to homes starting in January to take down the lights, organize, and store them for the next season. This part of the job isn’t as joyful as putting them up. The service to the homeowner and proving the best customer service motivates the installers in January. Scheduling can be more challenging because of the cold and sometimes wet weather in the winter, but removal doesn’t take as long as installs and moves pretty quick.

All photos provided by Christmas Lights Spirit.

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