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David Skidmore is a speaker, leadership trainer, and executive coach. He is the founder and CEO of LeaderGrowth, a leadership company designed to help individuals and organizations overcome challenges and experience transformation. David is the author of Unstuck: Turn Potential into Purpose which is available on Amazon, and his podcast LeaderGrowth with David Skidmore is available wherever you listen to podcasts. He is the co-organizer of TEDxOklahomaCity and has coached 17 speakers resulting
in over 150k views. David enjoys the Oklahoma City Thunder, summers at the lake, and exploring new cities.

Less but better

By David Skidmore | May 10, 2022

When you look at the cover of Essentialism, you see a picture of scribbles with an arrow pointed toward the word “essentialism” surrounded by scribbled circles. I like this picture because even when life moves away from being chaotically overwhelmed by messiness, the circles are rarely perfect mapping around our lives. That’s what the disciplined pursuit of “less but better” is about. Life is messy enough as is. What if we dedicate ourselves to achieving more by focusing simply on what is essential? As Greg McKeown says, “It isn’t about getting more things done; it’s about getting the right things done.”

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Becoming relentless in everything you do

By David Skidmore | April 12, 2022

Tim S. Grover gives 13 rules for becoming unstoppable. The pathway is that of the book title, Relentless. The difference between Grover and most authors is every one of his rules begins with the “number 1.” The reason? Grover says numbering things 1 through 13, allows people to rank their level of importance, but to go from good to great to unstoppable, no rule is more important than another. 

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