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David Brandon is a longtime Edmond resident who loves exploring new places around his hometown. He’s a freelance copywriter and devotee of the written word, spending many of his off hours reading and writing. He’s also an amateur musician and loves both listening to and creating music. A diehard Oklahoma City Thunder and general basketball fan, David blogs for Daily Thunder about the NBA salary cap and other basketball news. Catch him on Twitter for NBA thoughts.

The coffee culture of Edmond

By David Brandon | September 1, 2020

If you want a good cup of coffee in Edmond, there are an incredible number of choices. You could stop by Ellis Island for a Cubano and maybe have a glass of wine afterward. You could sample a mocha at All About Cha, sip a latte at Aspen or get an espresso at Coffee Tree. You could stop in for lunch at Cafe Evoke and sample a nice Ethiopian single-origin. And, of course, that’s not even counting Starbucks.

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Frenzy Brewing opens in downtown Edmond

By David Brandon | July 7, 2020

Matt Conner, his wife Beth, and his business partner, Jeremy Estle, are the brains behind Frenzy Brewing, Edmond’s first brewery. As Matt spoke about the new endeavor, Jeremy was wearing galoshes and cleaning out stainless steel tanks for the next run of beer. “We’re just glorified janitors, honestly,” Matt said, laughing. These brewers are staying…

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Life after coronavirus: Reopening Edmond

By David Brandon | June 1, 2020

COVID-19 infections might not have hit Oklahoma as hard as other areas. But they hit just as hard economically. The shutdowns, social distancing, and other consequences of the Coronavirus have had a big economic impact on Edmond. Though some businesses were classified as essential, many others weren’t, and the hospitality sector in particular was devastated.…

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