By Tim Priebe
January 24, 2023

Young Professional Q&A: Kristen King

An Oklahoma Christian alumna, Kristen King has been part of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce team for several years.
Kristen King joined the Edmond Chamber of Commerce as an intern and now serves as events and programs manager. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

After moving to Edmond in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, Kristen King joined the Edmond Chamber of Commerce as an intern. She now remains part of the team as an events and programs manager.

Q: Do you live in Edmond, work in Edmond, or both?

A: My husband and I just bought our first home at the beginning of this year near Edmond in the Deer Creek area. A crazy time to buy a home, but we were happy to plant some roots near Edmond. I’ve worked in Edmond for the last five years.

Q: Where did you grow up and go to school?

A: I’m originally from Piedmont, Oklahoma, which is where I graduated from high school, and moved to Edmond when I went to college at Oklahoma Christian University. I started at Oklahoma Christian in August 2017 and finished my degree in marketing management in November 2020.

Q: What did you do before your time at the Edmond Chamber?

A: In high school, I worked at Piedmont’s local dry cleaner and florist. I worked there through high school and during the summers in college. When I moved to Edmond to go to Oklahoma Christian, I got a job at a retail store and worked there for about two years before I saw that an internship was available at the Edmond Chamber of Commerce.

Q: How did you get involved with the Edmond Chamber?

A: When I was in my second year at Oklahoma Christian, I received an email from a professor and adviser of mine with a job description for an Edmond Chamber events and marketing intern. I saw the job description, and I knew this was right up my alley. I sent Sherry Jordan, our president and CEO, my resume and cover letter and started just a few weeks later. I worked as the events and marketing intern through 2019 and 2020. It was an odd year for events in general, but I was graduating from Oklahoma Christian in November 2020, and the stars aligned for me to step into the full-time events and programs role after graduation. (I guess they liked me enough to keep me around.) I started full-time at the Edmond Chamber at the beginning of December 2020 and have loved my time here since.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

Through her time at the Edmond Chamber, Kristen King has built connections with business owners across Edmond—one of her favorite parts of the job. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

A: There are multiple things that I love about my job, like getting to engage and create connections with businesses in the community; being creative and organized; and working with an amazing group of women at the chamber. I also love that each day brings a new and exciting set of tasks, and I never live the same day twice. Some days, I’m having lunch with a group of  Edmond Young Professionals at a local restaurant. Some days, I’m making balloon arches and charcuterie boards, and other days I’m setting up events for a lunch or breakfast. Each day brings something different.

Q: What’s something you’re passionate about in your personal life?

A:  I’m passionate about my family. My husband works at a private school in Oklahoma City as a PE teacher and girls’ basketball coach, so this time of year, basketball season is in full swing. We have a Goldendoodle pup named Nike, who is a large part of our family. We like to be active and try new things!

Q: What’s an accomplishment you’re the proudest of?

A:  I recently received a NextGen Under 30 award in the nonprofit category. It was an honor to be recognized and included in that list. Another accomplishment I’m proud of is that I‘ve started a four-year program called the Institute for Organization Management (IOM), a professional development program for professionals in the chamber of commerce industry. Annually, I’ll spend a week in Athens, Georgia, for the next four years to become IOM-certified. I went for my first week in June 2022 and developed great relationships with chamber of commerce pros from around the U.S.

Q: What do you like about Edmond?

A: There are many great things about Edmond, but I think one that I get to see daily is that our community is full of wonderful businesses and business owners that make Edmond the great city that it is.

Q: What is your number one tip for other young professionals, either for work or life in general?

A: If I had to pick one tip, I would say just be kind to other people. It seems simple, but being a nice, kind person is never the wrong thing to do. I’ve made great connections simply from just asking questions about the other person and getting to know them.

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