By Sarah Neese
January 17, 2023

A rockin’ little burger joint

Josh and Michelle Spurlock own and operate BlueJ's Rockin' Grill, located at Edmond Railyard.
Josh Spurlock is one of the owners of BlueJ's Rockin' Grill ((Photo: Brent Fuchs))

For those looking for a burger fix in the Edmond area, BlueJ’s Rockin’ Grill has what you need. Part of Edmond Railyard, BlueJ’s offers classic American cuisine with a few unique items in the mix.

Owners Josh and Michelle Spurlock started the restaurant concept as a food truck — which still operates today — in the fall of 2016. Nearly four years later, the pair expanded, opening their Edmond location.

With the recent evolution of the Downtown Edmond area, the Railyard was the right fit.

“This was a good first brick-and-mortar, stepping-stone start to restaurants,” Michelle said. “When this came up, it just seemed like a really good fit for us.”

Overcoming obstacles

Not the start any restaurant owner hopes for, BlueJ’s opened its doors during the first week of the COVID-19 pandemic, which offered no shortage of challenges. 

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” Michelle said. “You have to be determined 100% that there is no failure and that you don’t have that option. Regardless, you have to do whatever it takes to stay alive.”

The food truck helped drum up business even while people remained in their homes.

“With the truck, we had spent a lot of our time all over the metro,” Michelle said. “Most of our followers and most of the people that knew us were from the metro.”

But instead of serving them at their workplace, BlueJ’s met them in their neighborhoods.

“One of the things it did for people is that it created that need for community.”

Exploring the menu

Even at first glance, it’s clear BlueJ’s food offerings are chock-full of Okie favorites.

A new addition to the menu, the Mexican pizza at BlueJ’s has quickly become a customer favorite. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

“People out here love a good onion burger or your classic kind of cheeseburgers,” Michelle said. “They tend to gravitate toward those things because it’s what they grew up with, it’s nostalgic, and they’re good. Those are the things we sell the most of.”

But for Michelle and Josh, their favorites venture into the gourmet.

“If we were to tell you, as the creators, what the best thing is, we would say the Heat Seeker of the Mushroom Burger,” she said. “They’re a little more elevated. They’re a little truer to the heart of our original project.”

In addition to burgers, fan favorites include chicken sandwiches, truffle fries, and the newly introduced Mexican pizza. As Ohio natives, the Spurlocks also offer authentic Cincinnati chili.

As for the future of BlueJ’s, the pair said you’ll have to stay tuned, but as Michelle put it, “We’re always in creation mode.” 

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