By Brent Fuchs
December 6, 2022

Rose Creek invests $6 million in renovations

Alex Hammill, founder of Innovative Club Management, shares his perspective on Rose Creek's recent improvements.
The Rose Creek clubhouse and grounds were recently renovated by Innovative Club Management through private investment. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

In early 2022, Rose Creek Golf Club was sold to Innovative Club Management with private equity from local investors.

After acquiring the golf club, the new owners spent millions of dollars renovating the course with new sod and bunkers, cart path repairs, and a host of other improvements. They added pickleball and an entertainment center with games for kids and adults. The restaurant renovations include a 1920s-style speakeasy lounge for members.

In October of 2022, I sat down with Alex Hammill, the founder of Innovative Club Management, to talk about what’s changed at the club.

Brent Fuchs: First, tell me a little about Rose Creek. 

Alex Hammill: We bought Rose Creek with a group of local investors. The community here had a lot of frustrations with the previous management. It was challenging to find someone who could reinvent and reinvigorate the relationship between the community and the club.

This community deserves an elevated, elegant experience. If you look at the values of the homes and the affluence of the area, something was missing. We’ve gone above and beyond from an experiential standpoint with the club, amenities, and improvements in the community.

Our relationship with the homeowners has never been better.

Brent: What is the business relationship between the residents and the club?

Alex: They pay yearly dues to Innovative Club Management, and in turn, we are responsible for maintaining elements of the community. We manage the pool, fitness, and aquatics center. Residents can access the restaurant and the clubhouse, so one supports the other.

The better the experience, the better the course, and the better the home values. Without the resident support of the management company or the company support of the residents, you’d be going against the grain the whole time.

Brent: So this is an independently owned amenity? 

Alex: Correct. That’s the best way to look at it.

Alex Hammill is the founder of Innovative Club Management. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Brent: What led to the recent renovations? Why now? 

Alex: I think the former owners wanted to get out, and it was ripe for the picking for us to come in. With my company’s reputation and experience, matched with the local investment, we raised the money. The community desperately wanted change.

From the golf course to the clubhouse, it had so much potential. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Brent: Was it difficult to find funding during the pandemic?

Alex: The funding was the easiest part, which is the irony in this. Usually, that would be the most difficult part. The funds were committed within two weeks of having this under contract.

The challenging part was dealing with the previous management company and other elements outside that aspect.

The residents were eager to see this flourish. Our reputation of turning around clubs, the desire to replace the old management, and residents wanting to see it grow made it simple.

Brent: Was this investor-driven, or did you go to a bank? 

Alex: It’s private equity. So just investor-driven.

Brent: How long are renovations going to take? When did they start? 

Alex: We started about five months ago and expect everything to be finished in the next four to eight weeks. The clubhouse is done. Caché, our members-only speakeasy, opened the second week of November with live jazz and blues, a fireplace, and the whole thing.

A pickleball enclosure will open in the next four to six weeks, and the entertainment zone should be done in six weeks.

Brent: What are the changes that are going to be most noticeable?

Alex: The golf club looks like nothing ever did. If you walk into the restaurant and grill, it looks completely different. You’ll notice the hospitality, level of service, and renovations that support an elevated, elegant experience people want in this part of town.

We go above and beyond from a service aspect to provide that personalized, warm service. When you walk in here, everyone knows who you are, and it becomes your second home.

Brent: What part of the renovation will be less noticeable? What changes are behind the scenes?

Alex: Irrigation repairs are probably the biggest thing. We took the clubhouse back to the studs with all this. But from a course aesthetic standpoint, irrigation is our number one focus.

On the whole, the bones of the property were great. It just needed some investments, the capital infusion.

Part of the larger renovations include golf course improvements, new event spaces, and multiple pickleball courts. (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Brent: What does Rose Creek hope to gain with these renovations? 

Alex: Being the number one destination in town. A private golf experience blended with extreme hospitality where everything you want to entertain yourself and your family can be found under one roof.

It’s the one-stop shop for all your entertainment. That’s our goal.

Brent: Are the renovations new or additional features?

Alex: Apart from the new restaurant Neighborhood Provisions, we are adding our members-only speakeasy. They have five pickleball courts, four of which will be enclosed. There is an entertainment zone with HD golf, a multi-sport simulator, arcade games, a gaming room, and pinball machines. We also put the ceremony and event lawn here and renovated our private event and banquet spaces.

Brent: How big of a part of the business is the restaurant, and is it available to non-members? 

Alex: The restaurant is a significant part of the experience. We are actually in the membership business, and we want everyone to join as a member. However, you can visit the restaurant if you are not a member.

If you’re a social and pickle member, you get 30% off food and access to pickleball and four rounds of golf a year. It allows you to enjoy the entertainment zone and play the simulator and games. It gets you invitations to member-only events and preferred pricing on member events.

Brent: Anything you want to add? 

Alex: I’ve had people experience the new Rose Creek and see it is nothing like it was before. The direction we’re going and the investment have been incredible. Come check it out. See what the new Rose Creek is all about.

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