By Davis Merrey
April 5, 2022

Do you need MDR?

Defend yourself against cyber criminals and attacks before they can infiltrate your network.

Recent world events and the latest news headlines have brought more concern than ever over the possibility of international cyberattacks. Cybersecurity experts report that there are more than 26,000 cyberattacks daily, about 20 every minute!

Unconventional means are being used by hackers to attempt to steal our data, disrupt our processes and even ruin our businesses and take away our quality of life. The conventional defenses of patching, anti-malware, and data security are not winning the battle.  

Here are a few more statistics about the gravity of the situation:

  • Globally, 30,000 websites are hacked daily.
  • 64% of companies worldwide have experienced at least one form of cyberattack.
  • There were 20,000,000 breached records in 2021. 
  • Ransomware cases have grown by 150% in the past year.
  • Email is responsible for almost 94% of all malware.
  • Every 39 seconds a new type of attack occurs somewhere on the web.

The potential solutions may seem overwhelming, but Managed Detection and Response could be one place to start. MDR is a proactive service that provides a dedicated, around-the-clock team of experts who monitor your networks and detain cyber threats before they can cause damage.

Instead of just protecting end-points like computers and servers, MDR “resides” within your network, analyzing all traffic, and looking for evidence of malware and other unwanted software and agents. When a threat is detected and confirmed to be malicious, the MDR team has the ability to detain the infected device immediately, cutting the bad actor out of your network and stopping the spread before it starts. The IT service provider can then take action to isolate any affected parts of your network and remediate the issue.

The war against cybercriminals is a brutal and ongoing one, but you can defend your business and your livelihood by proactively arming yourself with the defensive weapons you need such as MDR.  Ask a trusted IT advisor or MSP to analyze your IT systems to see if MDR is of benefit to you.        

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About Davis Merrey

Davis, is Owner/CEO of TeamLogic IT of Oklahoma City, part of an international network of franchisees providing IT support for businesses. He brings many years of experience in a variety of technology related industries, leading teams in providing technical solutions that respond to critical customer needs. The company culture is defined by its Mission Statement: “To help our fellow employees and clients be successful”.

Davis earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Virginia Military Institute and an MBA in Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He serves on several business related and non-profit boards of directors.