By Tim Priebe
March 29, 2022

Edmond Electric offices relocating

Many Edmond Electric offices are relocating to the building formerly owned by Francis Tuttle.
The new Edmond Electric office located near I-35 and Covell (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

The City of Edmond is moving about fifty employees to the newly purchased building at 2824 Progressive Drive near I-35 and Covell, previously owned by Francis Tuttle. The move is expected to be complete no later than July. 

Building purchase from Francis Tuttle

After completing their new Danforth campus, Francis Tuttle put their original Edmond campus building up for sale through sealed bids. The City of Edmond bid $7.5 million, and on October 5, 2021, Francis Tuttle awarded the bid to the City.

The City transferred the funds from Edmond Electric reserves, covering the purchase price and anticipated closing costs. Before moving any employees in, design and renovation work still has to be completed.

Moving into the building

According to the City’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager Bill Begley, the new building is approximately 38,000 square feet.

“We have about fifty employees in the Hargrove Building downtown that we’ve been leasing,” said Begley. “So we’re moving them out of leased property into a city-owned property.”

The Hargrove Building in Downtown Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

The Hargrove Building is located at 7 N Broadway in downtown Edmond and currently houses a portion of Edmond Electric staff. According to Begley, it includes:

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Customer Service

The city employees moving out of that building will not come close to filling up the Progressive Drive building, leaving plenty of room for growth.

Begley explained, “We’ll be able to house between 90 and 100 employees comfortably. We’re going to have additional conference rooms, computer labs, and internal meeting space if necessary.”

The City hopes to have everyone moved into the space no later than July.

“It could be sooner, it could be later, but it just depends on how supply chain and things like that go,” Begley said.

Plans for the Hargrove Building

With approximately fifty people moving out of the Hargrove Building, the City plans to utilize it to move forward with the existing overall City Hall plan.

The Edmond City Council 2022 Strategic Plan includes the two-year goal of redeveloping vacated city-owned properties Downtown after office consolidation like this one to eventually include a new centrally located City Hall and parking garage.

“It means we don’t have to purchase more property now for that,” Begley shared. “It’s a priority for City Council, and there’s a lot of stuff we’re going to be doing with that space we can use.”

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