By Davis Merrey
December 7, 2021

Introducing Windows 11: Should you install it?

There are several factors you will want to consider when determining if your business should upgrade to Windows 11 or wait.

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has touted several features that might entice you to upgrade your PC.  You may be asking yourself, “Should I upgrade or stick with Windows 10?”

There are several factors you will want to consider. 

  • Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14. 2025. So, from an operating system perspective, if Windows 10 is working well for you, you can continue to use it and Microsoft will continue to provide feature and security updates as usual for some time to come.  
  • Your computers may not be able to run Windows 11. You can go to Microsoft’s website or ask your IT advisor to determine if your devices have the required resources to run Windows 11 successfully.  If not, you will need to upgrade or replace your hardware.  
  • Your users will be required to navigate a different interface. The desktopwill look differentand may take some time to get used to. You will need to be prepared to accept some decrease in productivity as users adapt. 
  • Applications and peripheral devices may not be compatible with Windows 11. Previous Windows operating system upgrades have caused system stability and application compatibility issues. Since its release in July 2015, there have been 12 major updates to Windows 10. Most of them included feature enhancements, but many also included “bug” fixes and resolutions to application compatibility issues. As with previous Windows Operating System releases, drivers for software and peripheral products, such as printers, were not updated timely, causing user frustration and costly downtime for businesses. 
  • Are the new features offered in Windows 11 of value to your organization? Windows 11 offers features, such as an easier way to set up virtual desktops as well as an easier transition from a monitor to your laptop display. These could enhance productivity and flexibility for work from home situations. Microsoft also claims Windows 11 may boot up and open applications faster than with Windows 10.     

We manage operating system and application updates as part of our support services for our customers. Our practice has been to delay implementation of operating system updates until Microsoft has released a major update (usually within 1 year), and we have conducted a thorough assessment of the potential impact on our client’s IT environment and user experience.

As with any decision you make within your organization, there is the risk vs. reward consideration. Before you decide to upgrade to Windows 11, ask your IT department or managed services provider when and how you should make the move. 

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