By Kaitlyn Willis
April 6, 2021

Vault405’s Entrepreneur’s Toolkit

Vault405 and Citizens Bank of Edmond have recently launched the Entrepreneur's Toolkit, a new series of public talks for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Vault405 and Citizens Bank of Edmond have recently launched the “Entrepreneur’s Toolkit,” a new series of public talks for anyone aspiring to start their own business. The purpose of the events is to take entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs through a series on how to run a business.

Each month, speakers address a specific topic and look at the subject’s theory and an applied view. Businesses have four things they need to do: market, manage money, manufacture, and empower. Each quarter, CBE focuses on one of those four things at the monthly meetings.

Chris McIntyre with 7th Gear Coaching speaking at a recent Entrepreneur’s Toolkit (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

After two successful events on marketing, the CBE team recently held their third session. The first two featured speakers such as Stacia Wert-Gray, Natalie Kent, Kerianne Roper, and Apollo Woods. The third event was March 25, at 3:30 p.m. Emily Goad, a professor from UCO’s Marketing Department, and local industry expert and author Chris McIntyre with 7th Gear Coaching spoke.

The next event will be April 22, 2021, and will feature George Glover with Vistage and Tom Massey with Massey Consulting Team. George Glover will be doing a DISC assessment, and Tom Massey will be speaking on optimizing individual and team performance through better understanding DISC.

Director of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Development at CBE, Cody Pepper, believes the events are truly beneficial to anyone thinking about starting a business and views CBE as more than just a source of financial help.

“The idea is that everyone leaves with actionable, new knowledge and the steps to convert that knowledge to skills,” Pepper said. “CBE has a desire to support entrepreneurs. It felt like a natural extension to help businesses. We try to offer so many more resources to our business clients beyond just financing. We want to leverage our resources to help the community beyond just a loan.”

The events have limited space due to COVID-19. However, recordings will be available to those who register a few days after the event.

For questions or to register for future events, contact Pepper at

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