By Tim Priebe
June 7, 2024

H-I-S Paint revives shuttered stores

H-I-S Paint reopens former Kelly-Moore stores, bringing back jobs and quality service.
Tony and Kirk Cox with H-I-S Paint (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

After Kelly-Moore Paints suddenly ceased operations at 157 stores nationwide earlier this year, Oklahoma City-based H-I-S Paint has stepped in to reopen seven of the shuttered stores in Oklahoma and Texas.

H-I-S Paint, a leader in the paint industry with over 50 years of experience, saw an opportunity to save jobs and maintain product availability for loyal customers. Joe Cox, CEO of H-I-S Paint, stated, “When the Kelly-Moore stores closed, tenured employees lost their livelihoods while customers were left without an equal alternative. We’re pleased to be able to give jobs back to more than 30 employees while allowing customers to return to what they know and love.”


H-I-S Paint Manufacturing Company was founded in April 1972 by Joe Cox. Initially focused on serving the multi-family housing and property management industry, the company expanded into custom industrial and specialty coatings during the economic recession of the mid-1980s. Today, H-I-S Paint operates out of two modern manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma City, distributing products locally, nationally, and internationally.

Family driven business

From the very beginning, H-I-S Paint has been a family-owned and operated company. Joe’s younger brother, Johnny Cox, began working at H-I-S Paint in 1975, and all three of Joe’s sons have made their careers at H-I-S Paint as well. J. Kent Cox is the current CFO and President of Operations and has been with H-I-S Paint since 1975. Kirk Cox, the President of the Architectural Business Group began with the company in 1986. Tony Cox is the President of Industrial Coatings Group and joined H-I-S in 1987. The Cox family’s commitment to the business and its values is evident in their dedication to maintaining quality products and outstanding customer service.

Kirk Cox emphasized the importance of teamwork in this transition, stating, “Reopening these stores was a team effort. We focused on ensuring a seamless experience for our employees and customers.”

Community impact

H-I-S Paint’s decision to hire former Kelly-Moore employees was crucial. “We wanted our customers to see familiar faces when they returned,” said Tony Cox, President of Industrial Coatings Group and owner of H-I-S Paint. Former Kelly-Moore employees have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to return to work. The community’s reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, with many loyal customers appreciating the continuity of service and quality.

The acquisition of these store locations aligns with H-I-S Paint’s strategic growth plans in Oklahoma and Texas. By expanding their retail presence, the company aims to enhance its market share and reach a broader customer base. This move allows H-I-S Paint to strengthen its position in the market and continue its tradition of providing high-quality paint products.

H-I-S Paint remains committed to maintaining the quality and service that customers expect. With the reopening of these stores, the company is poised to continue its growth and serve the community with dedication and integrity. The expansion marks a new chapter for H-I-S Paint, reflecting its ongoing commitment to excellence in the paint industry.

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