By Brooklyn Learned
June 6, 2023

OKPSA: Empowering Edmond sales professionals for a decade

As OKPSA celebrates its 10th anniversary, the organization looks forward to continued impact.
OKPSA's founder Mike Crandall gives a talk at the monthly luncheon (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

The Oklahoma Professional Sales Association celebrates ten years of empowering sales professionals and strengthening the Edmond community through monthly luncheons and other events. These gatherings serve as a valuable platform for sales professionals, business owners, and sales students to connect, learn, and grow.

A decade of empowering sales professionals

Established in 2013 by Mike Crandall, Edmond resident and owner of Sandler Custom Growth Solutions, the Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA) has emerged as a driving force in the sales industry, dedicated to supporting and elevating sales professionals in Oklahoma and beyond.

Crandall recognized the absence of an association dedicated to sales professionals and envisioned a platform to empower them, promote continuous education, and foster valuable connections.

“Sales is the biggest profession on the planet, and almost every profession had an association except sales,” Crandall said thoughtfully.

This realization fueled his determination to create OKPSA as a catalyst for professional sales growth.

Elevating sales professionals through shared experiences

OKPSA’s luncheons, held the third Wednesday of each on the top floor of the Devon Tour, have become a platform for guest speakers to share their success stories and valuable lessons. These speakers include business owners, sales leaders, and industry experts who have achieved remarkable career milestones.

Gunnar Hood, an executive board member of OKPSA, said the luncheons and events organized by OKPSA offer a unique opportunity for members to learn from accomplished individuals and apply their experiences to enhance their sales careers.

“I love the people, and I love the message, and the fact that we’re still here ten years later is meaningful because it means we’ve helped others make memorable or valid connections in the community,” Gunnar said.

Nurturing connections and expanding networks

Ryan Jacob, a board member of OKPSA, emphasized the networking environment the organization fosters, which goes beyond traditional interactions.

Jacob said one of the critical strengths of OKPSA lies in its ability to facilitate meaningful connections among its community.

The events provide an opportunity to establish authentic relationships with business owners, sales professionals, and sales students. These connections often lead to new partnerships and business opportunities.

OKPSA’s events create an atmosphere where professionals can openly discuss the challenges and triumphs of their sales journey, fostering a supportive community.

“The many connections I’ve developed through OKPSA have been invaluable,” Jacob said with gratitude.

OKPSA’s impact on the Edmond community

Many OKPSA members hail from the Edmond community, finding value in the organization’s offerings. By connecting professionals, OKPSA is crucial in fostering economic growth and partnerships within the Edmond business community.

“Even though we host it in downtown Oklahoma City, we invite people from all across the metro area, and so if we can help an Edmond business professional or Edmond business owner connect with somebody else across the city that has the potential to bring back revenue,” Hood said.

By bridging the gap between sales professionals and businesses in Edmond, OKPSA contributes to the community’s vibrancy and success. In fact, many of the organization’s board members call Edmond home.

Looking ahead with a growth mindset and gratitude

Reflecting on the past decade of involvement with the Oklahoma Professional Sales Association (OKPSA), Hood has found that his commitment to the organization has yielded valuable dividends.

Hood said that by embracing a go-givers mentality and approaching their involvement with intentionality, members can reap the rewards of making meaningful connections, building relationships, and continuously learning from each gathering.

In recognition of this important Milestone, Crandall said he is grateful to the individuals who have contributed to OKPSA’s success, including board members, partners, and speakers at various events.

Crandall further expressed his appreciation for the opportunities, connections, and friendships forged through OKPSA as he emphasized the need to appreciate salespeople and their critical role in driving revenue for the community.

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