By Tina Evans
December 21, 2021

Goodbye anxiety, hello Break Room 405

Whether you're looking to relieve stress or simply have fun, Break Room 405 offers a unique, exciting way to do it.
Tiffany Donovan, one of the owners of Break Room 405, in a splatter paint room (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Tiffany Donovan and her husband Matt opened Break Room 405 in July 2021. They were looking for ways to help their children cope with the anxiety and fear from the pandemic, but more specifically, help one of their sons manage his severe mental health illness. In their research, they found that rage rooms were a unique alternative form of therapy, so Tiffany left her job in human resources after 19 years to pursue this business full-time.

“Now, with our business, we have given our children a purpose and motivation to earn money by working here and participating in an activity when they want,” boasts Donovan. “It motivates me to work every day, knowing that our kids can benefit from what we have created with Break Room 405 and that other people can, too.”

With no consequences, cleanup, or judgment, guests at Break Room 405 choose their activity. There are break rooms, splatter rooms, and smash alley. For ages 12 or older, break room participants gear up in the provided PPE and choose their tools of destruction, play their own music, and start smashing. In the splatter rooms, guests of all ages put on a poncho and experience a one-of-a-kind art immersion that lets everyone get as messy as they want and take home a canvas masterpiece. The smash alley allows all ages to hurl glass items toward the lit-up targets and aim to knock down bottles on the shelf.

One of the break rooms at Break Room 405 in Edmond (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

“Guests should expect the unexpected! Some people walk in not realizing that during their experience, they will let go of a lot of pent-up stress, frustration, anxiety, and fear,” said Donovan. “You can scream, cuss, destroy a printer, throw glass items, and come out with a sense of real release. There is no judgment inside of our walls.”

Break Room 405 offers different experiences, whether it be for one person to large groups for celebrations, holiday parties, or team-building activities. “This is a place where friends and co-workers can do something out of the ordinary together to unwind and relax,” said Donovan. “It is definitely a workout, but the exhilaration you feel with all of the adrenaline-boosting activity is the best part.”

The Donovans are already expanding their business. In the spring of 2022, they are adding a comfortable beer and wine lounge that will be open to the public and for guests after they participate in their activities.

One of Tiffany Donovan’s favorite things is hearing the laughter that comes from the splatter rooms and listening to the stories of relief after experiencing the Break Rooms.

“Whether it’s work, home, school, or politics, stress can build up and manifest itself in ugly ways such as rage, anxiety, and high blood pressure,” said Donovan. “We believe the best ways to have fun and release that internal pressure are to experience our break rooms and splatter rooms. Overall, it is truly a unique and cathartic experience.”

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