By Tina Evans
October 19, 2021

Sign Gypsies adds creativity to celebrations

Sign Gypsies, owned by Sallie and Josh Sells, puts a creative, unique spin on your special occasions.

When you have a reason to celebrate, Sallie and Josh Sells, owners of Sign Gypsies Edmond, can help make it extra special. Since March 2017, the Sells have been surprising people with personalized yard signs.

“Our whole model is about spreading joy and celebrating,” said Sallie. “Even when things are hard or we feel overwhelmed, we know we’re making someone’s day when we leave a little surprise in their yard.”

Custom signs

Sign Gypsies will design and install your custom yard greeting with industry-leading innovation, creativity, and white-glove customer service. Their exclusive partnership with an artist working alongside corporate graphic designers allows them to offer graphics and designs unique to Sign Gypsies.

Customers can place an order online and provide specific information about the special occasion, desired colors, and relevant graphics such as stars, balloons, interests, or hobbies. A yard greeting includes a personalized greeting, delivery, set-up, and pick up approximately 24 hours later. The signs are a rental only and they reuse everything.

Navigating challenges

Sallie and Josh Sells with Sign Gypsies Edmond working on a job in their warehouse (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

Exactly three years after starting their franchise, their business exploded when everything shut down in March 2020. “We were so fortunate to be able to continue operating when so many other businesses were forced to close. Many people who hadn’t heard of us before have become repeat customers since then. We are so grateful for that!” said Sallie.

Another challenge they experience is Oklahoma’s natural habitat including our famous red dirt in the summer. “It’s brutal trying to get the stakes in the ground,” said Sallie.

Sallie and Josh Sells with Sign Gypsies Edmond with a birthday cake sign (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

They also encounter many animals on the recipients’ properties at night. “Sometimes, cats come to help us out and walk all through the signs, or dogs bark and tell on us!” commented Sallie. “Occasionally with rural signs, we hear coyotes or cows; you never know. At certain times of the year, insects will lay eggs on the greetings while they are out, and when we bring them back to the shed, they hatch and we have baby bugs everywhere. That’s always exciting!”

Giving back to the community

Sallie’s day job is teaching, so giving back to schools and children through their business is important to her family. “We partner with the foster care ministry through Memorial Road Church of Christ and donate greetings for foster children so their day is extra special,” said Sallie. “We also partner with underfunded schools and donate signs for the first day of school or for teacher appreciation.

“I love making people happy. I love that we can take everyday celebrations and make them a little extra,” said Sallie. “To us, success is rooted in making a difference. It’s not about money or being at the top. We want people to feel valued and for each customer to know they are important to us. Our success depends on people trusting us to make their event special.”

Sallie and Josh Sells with Sign Gypsies Edmond in their warehouse (Photo: Brent Fuchs)

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